How To Share Data, Transfer or Check Your Data Balance on 9mobile

Despite the routine change in ownership, 9mobile remains one of the leading telecom networks in Nigeria. As a result, many 9mobile customers still need to know how to use features like sharing data with friends and family. As one of the fastest data networks in the country, its internet services remain highly coveted.

This article will cover everything you need to know about sharing 9mobile data and transferring it to another customer. We will also cover a step-by-step guide on checking your data balance, keeping track of your account.

Two Major Ways to Share Data on 9mobile

Data sharing was once an idea. Now, it has become a cornerstone of modern telecom network features. Whether it is bailing someone out in an emergency or streamlining data expenses, the ability to share data is a must-have for telecom customers.

In recognition of this, 9mobile offers customers two distinct ways to share data, to cater to the primary reasons people need the service. Regular data sharing to friends or family can be done using a dedicated USSD code.

The other reason, to help customers connect their devices to the internet with one data plan, is achievable via its Multi-device plan. It is efficient, allowing customers to pay for, track, and control data plans and usage from one source.

Regardless of your needs, both methods are available for every 9mobile customer, and here is a step-by-step guide to use them.

Sharing Data via USSD

To share data via USSD code to friends and family, all you need is an active data plan on your smart device. Once you have that, simply:

  • Dial *229*PIN*data size*9mobile number# eg. *229*0000*100*08091234567#

You will notice you need to enter your PIN. It is a security mechanism designed to keep your data account safe and prevent anyone from transferring data at will from your SIM. For new users of this service, the default PIN is 0000. You will have to change it to your preferred PIN to use the service safely. To do this–

  • Dial *247*default PIN*New PIN#

Alternatively, you can

  • dial *247*old PIN*New PIN#

Either way, this USSD code will help you change your PIN and put you on the way to sharing your 9mobile data with anyone you want. However, before you start, here are a couple of things to note.

  • You need a minimum data balance of 50MB on your device AFTER you complete any transfer
  • You can only transfer a minimum of 10MB and a maximum of 200MB at once
  • You can only transfer up to 1GB of data a day

Multi-Device Plan

One way to connect multiple devices to one data source is by using a router or Mifi device, but that means buying that hardware. You can achieve the same effect with the multi-device plan, connecting up to 4 additional SIMs to one data plan.

To activate this plan, you will need two unique IDs from each SIM, the phone number and PUK (Personal Unblocking Key). You can check the PUK for your device on the 9mobile app if you have lost the SIM’s packaging. Once you have this for each SIM, simply follow the steps below:

  • Dial *215*PIN*1*New Number*New PUK#
  • For subsequent SIMs, replace 1 and the corresponding information with 2,3, and 4, respectively.

Your PIN is the same as the one you use for regular data transfer. If the USSD option is too difficult, you can use SMS and –

  • SEND ‘Add New Number, 1, PIN, new PUK’ to 215, e.g. ‘Add 08091234567, 1, 0000, 12345678’

That is it. Your devices are now connected to one data plan. Remember, your subscriptions should be done on your primary device/SIM. It will keep you from going out of your way to resubscribe, track and remove devices from the plan.

Family Share Data Plan

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Multi-device and USSD sharing might be the primary ways to share data on 9mobile, but they are not the only ones. There is also a third, the Family Share Data Plan. It used to be exclusive to users of the Moreblaze tariff, but it is now applicable to everyone.

It is similar to the multi-device plan in that it allows you to share data with five 9mobile numbers. The key difference here is that you share a specific amount of data instead of giving full access to your data account. When each device exhausts their allocated data, their internet access will be cut off, at least through your plan.

As the name suggests, this plan helps families who want to control their children’s internet activities. To use it, simply –

  • Dial *917* to buy any standard data plan
  • Afterward, dial *229*9*PIN*data quota*recipient’s number*3#

Alternatively, you can –

  • Dial *200# and follow the menu options

Three Ways of Checking your 9mobile Data Balance

With all the sharing and transfers, you need to keep track and check your data usage. 9mobile offers three distinct ways for customers to do this, all with the same ease and directness. There is the standard USSD code, SMS, and its 9mobile app.


To check your 9mobile data balance via USSD code or shortcode, simply –

  • Dial *228#
  • For Blackberry users, dial *399*2#

You should receive a message containing every relevant information on your data account, including all your plans, bonuses, data balance, and expiration date.


In a similar vein to the USSD method, you can check your 9mobile data balance by sending an SMS to a dedicated number. To use this method, simply –

  • Open your phone messaging app
  • Send BAL to 228

This method applies to every device, including Blackberry. Like the shortcode method, you will receive a text message with every piece of information about your data account. It might also include additional details such as promo offers and possible bonuses. So, if you are always on the look out for deals, this could be a double reward method for you.

9mobile App

The 9mobile app is a robust application that gives you huge control over your SIM. It also gives you unfettered access to your data balance, allowing you to see what you have left, how much data you spend daily, and a few more. If you share your data, you can also see how many devices are on your plan. It also lets you remove or add numbers/devices as necessary.

To use this method, you need to download the app from the Apple or Google Play store, depending on your device’s OS. After downloading the app, you need to register your SIM. It is a straightforward one-time process that begins when your launch the app for the first time.

Once this is complete, every information you need to know about your 9mobile SIM, including your data balance, should be on your dashboard and other submenus on the app.

You Can Also Check via Customer Service

Maybe all these methods are too confusing for you. Perhaps you want the assurance from speaking with a human or have additional inquiries. You can check your data balance and learn additional information by calling the 9mobile customer service.

As long as you call with a registered 9mobile number, it is completely free, and you can ask for any information you need. To use the customer service, simply

  • Dial 200 from any device

That is it! You are now entirely in control of your data plans, to share and track as you please.

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