How to Submit Your Application for NHIF Online Registration, Login and Check Your Status

The blessings of the internet can never be overemphasized; more than being the powerhouse of information technology, it has come to stay as a crucial part of our day to day life and activities. Among other things, it has simplified the process of joining any of the programs offered by the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF).

Every citizen of Kenya ought to know that the NHIF is a government establishment created in 1966 under the Ministry of Health. While it has gone through various phases over the years just to adapt to the changing healthcare needs of Kenyans, providing accessible and affordable health coverage for citizens of the East African nation remains the mission of the organization.

Step by Step Guide for NHIF Online Registration

First of all, you should know that NHIF membership is open for every citizen of Kenya, as far as they are up to 18 years old, and earn more than KES 1000 per month. The National Hospital Insurance Fund does not only carter for government workers as thought by many. It registers any eligible Kenyan and even foreign residents and students. Even though the establishment registers members from both the formal and informal sector, membership is compulsory for those in the formal sector and voluntary for retirees and those in the informal sector.

The establishment has multiple autonomous branches and satellite offices in the counties of the country. As each of these branches offers all the NHIF services, one can approach any of the branches for registration. Alternatively, you can register online following the steps below.

  • Step One

Visit the NHIF website ( and scroll down to locate “Online Registration” and click on it. It will take you to the page designated for NHIF online registration.

Alternatively, you can follow this link ( to get to the page directly.

  • Step Two

Now that you are on the page designated for online registration, you should know that you can register as an “Employer”, “Employee”, or “Self Employed”. As the procedures are almost the same for all, we will be using the latter to illustrate. So, click on the inverted triangle on the “Self Employed” provision on the menu and select “Register Now”.

  • Step Three

It will take you to the Self Employed Application form where you will have to provide the required information. But first, you have to select your form of identification (Kenyan Identity Card or Alien Identity Card) and fill in the identification number. If the ID you provided is valid, you will be allowed to continue with the registration. Otherwise, you can’t proceed.

  • Step Four

This is for only applicants with valid ID. You can proceed to fill in all the fields in the form provided. After that, attach a scanned copy of your passport photo and your ID. Also, if you are married, you will have to attach your marriage certificate.

  • Step Five

When you have filled all the fields and attached all the required documents, click Save to submit your application. The system will notify you of the status of your application immediately. Also, it will send a notification SMS to your mobile number.

How to Check Your Account Status After Registration

If you have completed your NHIF online registration and needs to confirm the status of your account, you can do so through an email, via an SMS, or online through the NHIF self-care platform.

For registered members under the formal sector, their contributions are deducted from their salaries and remitted to the NHIF by their employers; this can be done through e-banking or cheque. Of course, this is not so for members under the voluntary category as they are required to pay Kshs 500 per month.

Checking Account Status Through Email

As the establishment hasn’t made provision for one to check account status and balance through its official email, clients are left with no choice but to email customer care to request their NHIF account status. You can do this by sending an email to [email protected].

Steps for Checking Account Status via the NHIF Self Care Platform 

The good thing about the NHIF self-care platform is that it allows you to attend to yourself instead of waiting for customer care to help out.

To check your account status through this platform, you will have to visit the NHIF official website and find the “NHIF Selfcare Platform” provision. Or, you can click here to get to the page directly. After that, do the following:

  • Provide your email address, mobile phone number, and NHIF card number to sign in to the self-service online portal.
  • Create a password that you will be using to access the platform.
  • Log in to the portal and it will take you to a page where you can view all the details about your account.

Checking Account Status Through SMS

This is probably the easiest way to check your NHIF account status. To do this, send an SMS to 21101 as exemplified below.

Type the letters “ID”, space, then your ID number (or passport number if it is what you used to register) and send it to 21101. E.G ID 87654321

Note, you will be charged Kshs 10 for this.

How to Register in any of the NHIF Branches

If you are not cut-out for the NHIF online registration and would prefer to do so in one of the NHIF offices, you can approach any of the establishment’s branches located across the country.

Nonetheless, you must take along the following for registration:

1. A copy of your National I.D, including that of your spouse if applicable.

2. A copy of Employer Appointment or Introduction Letter; this is only for an employee, it does not apply for those who are self-employed.

3. A colored passport photo. It should include that of your spouse and dependents if applicable.

4. The original and copies of birth certificate for dependents.

As stated earlier, foreign residents and students are free to become NHIF members. A foreigner that wants to get registered should take the following along:

1. Copies of passport, alien certificate, or work permit. It should include that of your spouse if applicable.

2. Colored passport photo, including that of your spouse and dependents.

For foreigners schooling in Kenya, the following is required:

1. A copy of your passport

2. Colored passport photo

Like those under the voluntary and self-employed category, foreign student contributes Kshs 500 per month.

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