How To Write A Cover Letter For A Nigerian Company

It is almost normal for a Nigerian company that has advertised a job vacancy to also at the time of requesting for your CV, ask for a cover letter and this often poses a great challenge to a lot of job seekers. How do you know which information to put down and how do you structure your cover letter to make it appear attractive, concise and interesting to read without compromising any information that should not or should be added? The basic question is to find out what the company would be interested in and is looking for. But how do I know what the company is interested in or looking for, you may ask? That shouldn’t be much of a concern as we will be explaining that to you below.

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What Are Companies Looking For in A Cover Letter?

There is this general misconception that a cover letter is difficult to write and this has discouraged a lot of people and made them to be evasive rather than give a try but this is not true at all – cover letters are not difficult to write provided you know what you are expected to do.

However, before setting out to write a cover letter, you have to note first that a cover letter is not an avenue to write a detailed explanation of your qualifications, in simple terms; a cover letter should be direct and as concise as possible.

When cover letters first appeared the 1950s, it was often the only chance applicants had to portray their personality, experience, or personal connections but these days, with your personality and identity everywhere online, you don’t need a 350-word cover letter simply tell an interviewer what your qualifications and communication skills are and with the right words, who knows, in no time, you might get a call for an interview.

The Basic Principle of Writing a Cover Letter

In general, how do you possibly appeal to the understanding of someone unknown to you for aid?

The approach is that of humility and confidence as though you are appealing against a lawsuit physically and it is the same principle that applies in a cover letter writing only that is occurs at the background of a formal letter.

A Cover letter should ideally have the following otherwise it becomes incomplete:

A) Applicant’s contact address and date which has to be on the top right-hand side of the letter.

B) The address of the addressee or the interviewer which would be a step below, on the
left-hand side of the writing sheet.

C) Write as though you are speaking, with humility but with confidence ensuring the use of good grammar.

D) Highlight what you want to do for the company and help the employer achieve. Do not show evidence of doubt on your capabilities while writing.

E) Explain to the employer why you are qualified for the position and why you
should be selected for the interview while on a closing note, you may highlight how working in such position would also help you build your career.

Beware of These common Mistakes In Cover Letter

  • Don’t make the mistake of using the same cover letter for every single job
  • Don’t make the cover letter all about – Inasmuch as you should talk briefly about your achievements, skills, and experience in a cover letter, be careful not to make it all about you, consider what your employer wants.
  • Don’t emphasize on your weakness bearing in mind that no employer is interested in what you can’t do – they want to know what you can do.

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Sample of A Cover Letter For A Nigerian Company

Ahmadu Njoku,
65 Ojoyemuji Street,
2nd February 2013.

The Human Resource Director,
Human Resources Department,
Sanitary Limited

Dear Sir/Madam,


I, Ahmadu Njoku hereby apply for the above-mentioned position in your company as advertised in the ————-paper.

The opportunity this vacancy presents would enable me utilize my diverse experience as well as my educational qualifications in the past and present financial market to the greatest maximum.

My educational and overwhelming understanding of trends in the current financial market makes me a very suitable candidate for this position.

Some other skills I possess that make me eligible for this job include:

-{Enumerate Skills}

As requested, I hereby enclose my certifications, resume and three (3) references along with my application.

It is my earnest expectation that I get favorably replied and invited for an interview.

Thank you…

Yours faithfully,


Ahmadu Njoku.

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