How Yul Edochie’s Net Worth Has Grown and The Movies That Contributed to His Wealth

Yul Edochie is one of the eminent actors in Nollywood with an estimated net worth of $2 million. He started acting after he graduated from the University Of Portharcourt, where he studied theatre arts. The elite actor is undoubtedly doing great things in the entertainment industry since he debuted in Nollywood in 2007 in a movie titled Wind of Glory. Over the years, his earnings and relevance in the industry have been experiencing a rise. In addition to acting, Yul’s net worth has increased as a result of other ventures, including his film academy, endorsement deals, and politics.

How Yul Edochie Amassed A Net Worth Of $2 Million

There is no doubt that the popular Nollywood actor is hitting it hard in the industry as he is worth about $2 million. Yul Edochie’s rise didn’t just come from acting alone as he is also a brand ambassador, director, scriptwriter, and politician who runs a film academy. The movie star is still serving his best in the entertainment industry and his net worth is expected to increase as he takes up more acting roles.

He Made His Debut In 2005

Taking a look into his flourishing career, Yul Edochie made his debut in the Nollywood industry in 2005. The movie star intended to become a big wig in the industry following the footprints of his father. His debut role was in Wind of Glory which featured famous actors like Desmond Elliot and Genevive Nnaji.

Yul Edochie’s acting skills spoke for him and has helped in launching him higher in the industry. He has since gone on to feature in more than 50 movies since he joined Nollywood more than a decade ago. Some of his notable performances are as follows:

  • The End is Near 
  • Eye of The Eagle 
  • What We Do For Love 
  • Mistake of a Prince 
  • The True Heir To The Throne 
  • My Bad Criminal Sister 
  • My Son’s Jealous Friend 
  • The God That Answereth By Fire 
  • Not An Ordinary Battle
  • Punishment of The Gods 
  • Love Do Cost A Thing 
  • Rich But No Rest Of Mind 
  • Enemies Must Bow 
  • The Cruel Hand of Justice 
  • The Billionaire That Ran Mad  
  • Battle of Lions 

He has also featured in soap operas like The Palace, Royal Castle, and Tinsel.

Yul Edochie Earns Massively From Each Of His Movie Roles

One of the things which Nollywood actors tend to keep under wraps is their pay per movie, and Yul Edochie is not an exception. Nevertheless, various sources have claimed that the actor pockets about N400,000 – N800,000 while others pegged his earnings at N1 million per movie. Nevertheless, Yul has not confirmed any of the figures, but the fact remains that the actor has made a lot of cash from his acting career as well as other engagements which he has ventured into over the years.

Comparison To Other Actors 

Other Nollywood stars like Zubby Michael pockets nothing less than half a million naira from each of his featured movies. Destiny Etiko, who is also a movie star, pockets around N500,000 to feature in movies where she is the lead character and less in movies where she is not the lead role. It is no doubt that Yul Edochie is one of the massive earners in the movie industry.

His Work Behind The Camera Also Accounts For A Percentage Of His Earnings

Aside from his outstanding acting skills, Yul Edochie is also a director. In 2007, he directed the movie Secret Pain 1 & 2 and also directed The Laptop 1 & 2 in 2008. Apparently, the actor makes money from directing movies though the amount is not specified.

The actor is no doubt good in the affairs of the entertainment industry as he also writes scripts. In 2017, he wrote the TV series Broken Chakkels which he also featured in as Stephen.

The Actor Runs A Film Academy

Yul Edochie runs an academy that he set up in 2015 where he trains aspiring actors. His dream for the academy is to perfect upcoming aspirants who wish to move high in the movie industry. The actor says he was motivated to launch the film school after he witnessed a decline in the quality and professionalism of upcoming Nigerian actors and actresses.

He Is Also Engaged In Politics

In 2017, Yul Edochie unsuccessfully contested in the Anambra State governorship election. He was, however, later appointed the Senior Special Assistant on creative and entertainment media to the governor in 2018. He later resigned from the position but has made known his intention of running for public office again in the future. He has notably said that he hopes to run for president of Nigeria.

Yul Edochie’s Has Endorsed A Number of Brands

In 2019, Yul Edochie became an ambassador to the Brother’s Keeper NGO, a Citizen Journalist Network pet project. The following year, the movie star became a brand ambassador to Longrich. He is no doubt a marketing figure as he later signed a one-year ambassadorial deal with Paint Roxettes.

On the 4th of March 2020, the Nollywood star announced his endorsement deal with Afrosino Century Gardens Estate, a real estate company.

List of Endorsements
  • Brother’s Keeper NGO
  • Longrich
  • Afrosino Century Gardens Estate

Yul Edochie Lives In An Expensive Home In Lekki, Lagos State

One of the ways Yul Edochie spends his hard-earned millions is on himself and his family. By this, we mean that the actor and his family live in an expensive mansion that runs into millions of naira. His beautiful home, which is evidently very expensive, is located in the Lekki part of Lagos State. It is evident enough that Yul has a good taste for things as the house features a lush garden made of synthetic grass, a remarkable fireplace, immaculate floor tiles, exquisite house decor, pristine wallpaper, and paintwork with an ambient environment.

Recognitions and Awards

Yul Edochie has over the years been giving his best in the movie industry. It is, therefore, no surprise that he has received wide recognition in the entertainment industry. The movie star has been nominated for several awards and has also won some. They include:

  • Best Actor of the year in 2009 at the City People Entertainment Awards.
  • Nominated for the Best Actor Supporting Role in the 2012 Nollywood Movies Award
  • Best Actor of The Year for the 2013 City People Entertainment Awards
  • Pamsaa Awards for the best actor in 2013.
  • Nominated for the best lead male in Nollywood Movies Award in 2014.
  • In 2015, he was nominated for the best actor in Afrifimo awards and got the Afrifimo Special Recognition Awards that same year.
  • Achiever’s Award for the motivational man of the year in 2021.

The Actor’s Father Is Wealthier Than Him

The movie star apparently inherited his acting skills from his father, Pete Edochie, who is a Nollywood icon and has been in the industry for more than 3 decades. Considering the experience and duration of his father in the industry, coupled with endorsement deals, it is no surprise that Pete has a reported net worth of $4 million, double of what his son Yul has been able to amass.


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