zimbabwe's independence celebration 36

Zimbabwe turns 36 today 18th April.

Zimbabwe’s Independence day celebration kicked off at the National Sports Stadium, Harare. In usual manner, the president presided over by the guard of honor. He then proceeded to light the independence flame.

mugabe lights zimbabwe's independence torch

As the president gave his speech as many hoped he will provide a solution to Zimbabwe’s many woes.

He started out by giving credit to the Heroes who fought for  Zimbabwe’s independence from Great Britain 36 years ago.

“One of the greatest tributes we can pay to Zimbabwe is to shun corruption, shun regionalism and avoid nepotism. Together we can transform our country and improve our welfare,”

Events to mark the independence anniversary were also held in the country’s ten provinces where the provincial leadership read Mugabe’s speech.

The president mourned the drought caused by the El Nino phenomenon, he added that “government has taken measures to mitigate the effects of drought through grain imports.”

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Regarding Zimbabwe’s economy, president Mugabe implied that there is hope as new companies which were pending closure have been resuscitated, and farmers leases are being introduced to secure their security of tenure.

He said, “The resuscitation, formation and expansion of these and other companies has greatly assisted us in preserving employment, creating new jobs, saving foreign currency, enhancing fiscal space and increasing production.”

He applauded the rehabilitation of road networks done by the government. He also added that power cuts have eased as bank loans to help with  Munyati, Harare and Bulawayo power stations have been secured.

Nonetheless he urged Zimbabweans to adopt renewable forms of energy such as using solar energy.

He also apologized to civil servants and pensioners whom the government owe, sating that, “It is the desire of government that salaries for civil servants must match the poverty datum line. The government apologizes for late disbursement of salaries, bonuses and monthly payments to pensioners.”

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Meanwhile on Twitter, Zimbabweans share their sentiments on their 36th independence day with the hashtag #Zim36

Happy Independence Day Zimbabwe