How Zubby Michael’s Net Worth Accrued And The Houses & Cars He Has Invested In

Zubby Michael’s present net worth of ₦306 million accrued from several sources though chiefly from acting. The talented Nollywood actor and movie producer will go down in history as one of the most prolific actors to pass through the Nigerian movie scene. He recorded a total of 150 movies at the last count and from what is perceivable, the number will likely increase in the nearest future.

Getting and spending they say go hand in hand and Zubby Michael spends the way he earns. As the big bucks keep rolling in, the famed actor keeps funding his lavish lifestyle, building houses, and acquiring one plush vehicle after another. He has houses in Asaba and Lagos and is associated with four powerful brands of automobiles.

Zubby Michael’s Net Worth Was Last Estimated At ₦306 million

The prolific actor is worth a handsome ₦306 million, Zubby Michael’s fortune started accruing after he launched his Nollywood career, since then, the movie star has diversified his interest into other fields. Most notable among them was when he joined the Nigerian political scene as a special adviser to the Anambra State governor, Willie Obiano. He is presently the governor’s special adviser on media matters. Zubby Michael’s sources of revenue include;

• Acting
• Politics
• Endorsements

His Acting Career Extends To Include His Gigs As Movie Producer Cum Director

Zubby surfaced on the acting scene at the tender age of eight but his first starring role was accomplished on the set of Missing Rib after he graduated from the university. However, the actor’s breakout role happened in 2006 when he shared the screen with Nollywood star Oge Okoye in The Three Widows. The movie made him a popular face in the Nigerian movie scene and no doubt, that was when the big bucks started rolling in.

His remarkable performance in the movie made him a target for movie directors and producers who have gone ahead to feature him in a plethora of productions most of which were commercially successful.

The best of Zubby Michael include movies like:

  • Princess Rihanna,
  • The Generals,
  • Royal storm,
  • Implication,
  • Stolen love, and
  • The killer.

Away from playing active roles on-screen roles, Zubby has also proved his mettle behind the camera, producing and directing quite a good number of movies. His movie portfolio at the last count was totaled 150 and still counting as the actor is still very much relevant in the show biz industry.

He Became A Politician Under The Administration Of Governor Willie Obiano Of Anambra State

Zuby Michael (far right) with Anambra State Governor (far left) and other dignitaries at an event: image source

After the present Anambra State Governor, his Excellency Willie Obiano came into office, he appointed Zubby Michael as one of his Special Advisers on Media matters. Accepting the appointment made the prolific actor a political figure in his home state and consequently, one of the most influential actors in the Eastern part of the country. It goes without saying that his political appointment means more income for the actor and we are yet to factor in all the benefits that come with such political exposure.

Also, a certificate of recognition was awarded to the actor in respect of the contributions he made towards the youth empowerment initiative of the City Radio 89.7 FM in Anambra State.

He Is Also Into Endorsements

Alongside Ayo Makun of Ay comedy and Nedu of WAZOBIA FM, Zubby Michaels landed his first endorsement deal with a Bitters herbal drink company in Lagos. After he inked the deal, the famed actor took to Instagram to share the good news with fans who kept the congratulations pouring in. The worth of the deal was not mentioned, but going by the caliber of celebrities involved, it would be quite substantial.

He has been Nominated For A Good Number Of awards And Has Won One

As he continues to do exploits in the movies, his efforts in both acting and movie production have been noted by relevant authorities who have rewarded him with prestigious awards and nominations. Notable among them are;

City People Movie Awards

• Nominee for Best Actor of the Year (Igbo), 2019
• Nominee for Best Actor of the Year (English), 2019
• Nominee for Best Actor Of The Year, (English) 2018
• Nominee for Best Supporting Actor of the Year (English), 2015
• Nominee for Best New Actor of the Year (English), 2014
• Nominee for Best Igbo Movie of the Year for Eze Ndi Ala, 2019.

Other Awards

• He was nominated for Best Lead Actor of the Year (English) at the Nigeria Achievers Awards in 2019
• Also in 2019, he became a nominee for the Male Actor of the Year at the South-South Achievers Awards
• In 2018, South East Entertainment Award named him the winner in the category of Movie icon of the year
• 2015 was when he became a nominee for Actor of the Year (Indigenous Movies) at the Nigerian Entertainment Award
• He was nominated as the Most Promising Male Act at the Best Of Nollywood Awards
• In 2018, Zubby Michael became Nollywood Personality of the Year at the Nigerian MSMEs & Achievers Awards
• He was named Best Celebrity Politician of the Year in 2020 by the South-East Beauty Pageant Organization.

Zubby Michaels Favors the Luxurious Lifestyle

Zubby Michael
A cross view of his houses and cars: image source

The Massive fortune that Zubby Michael has accumulated over the years sure calls for a lavish lifestyle and the Nollywood actor is obviously living it to the fullest. Evidence of his luxurious lifestyle abounds in the type of automobiles he splurges around town with and he is the type that spares no expenses when it comes to his dwelling.

Zubby Is associated with Several Powerful Car Brands

Immediately after he rose to prominence, The Three Widow’s alum bought a Toyota Camry to assist him on getting about his business. However, as his career continued to grow in leaps and bounds, the actor’s love of exotic automobiles came to the fore, manifesting in four powerful brands namely;

• Mercedes-Benz 4matic.
• Range Rover Sport.
• G-Wagon.
• Black SUV.

The actor’s Range Rover SUV came as a birthday gift while he was marking his anniversary on the 1st of February 2015. The elated actor wasted no time in sharing the good news with fans on social media.

Zubby Michael’s Houses

Zubby Michael
His muli-milion naira mansion: image source

The celebrity entertainer has a Lekki mansion which cost millions of naira. Upon the completion of his luxury house, Zubby took to Instagram to share beautiful photos which triggered congratulatory messages from fans.

Magnificent is an apt way to describe the cold-gray-walled mansion sporting large white windows. A view of the house from the street shows giant trees in the surrounding, making it difficult to have a clearer view of the fence. The compound is suffused with soft bright grass. A pipe on the top floor signifies the presence of a marble fireplace. Large lights are located very close to the entrance; these lights have the semblance of going far into the blue sky as you look at them after dark.

The description of the mansion’s exterior is quite inviting and it goes without saying that the house is really beautiful. Sadly, Zubby has declined to give fans an inside tour of his mansion, thus, we can only imagine all the exotic amenities that would adorn the rooms. If the exterior is anything to go by, the interior will be equally as stylish.

Zubby has a second mansion located in the Delta State capital Asaba. According to reports, the house was constructed by the actor and worth millions of naira in market value.

Chacha is a writer with a wealth of experience who has contributed across several channels. Her specialty includes celebrity lifestyle including how top movie stars, musicians, and comedians live their lives.
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