Who Is HowToBasic And What Do We Know About Him?

HowToBasic is a social media star who has made notable strides with his YouTube channel of the same name. He established his channel in 2011 and at the moment, he has cultivated enormous following having gathered over 14 million subscribers and more than two billion views. Following his exploits on YouTube, his channel has been rated as the highest Australian channel on the social media platform.

Although the identity of the YouTuber is yet to be revealed as he doesn’t speak or show his face on his videos, he still attracts the attention of a wide audience with his bizarre tutorial videos which are known for its erratic action contents as well as his maniac behaviors on set. To learn more on who the social media personality really is and other facts about him, read on!

Who is HowToBasic?

HowToBasic is an anonymous internet personality who launched a self-titled YouTube channel where he uploads tutorial videos. At the beginning of his videos, one would really think that the tutorials are for real until he begins to act in an erratic manner by throwing, mixing or smashing food ingredients against his kitchen floor and the countertops which eventually becomes a big mess. He often makes use of large quantities of eggs which he ends up smashing, and this has made people believe that he has a chicken farm as one of his videos titled How To Fight A Chicken tends to prove that.

He doesn’t only make use of eggs on his videos, he also makes use of raw fish, chicken meats, printed images, electronic devices, dolls, and many others. His videos are often marketed as a typical tutorial as they sometimes start off with an appearance of real how-to videos but later end in a big mess. Having won the heart of many through the randomness which makes his videos comedic, the social media personality has grown his fan base from having 1 million as of June 2014 to reaching 10 million in December 2017. And as of recent, his channel is standing tall with a count of over 14 million subscribers.

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In likewise manner, HowToBasic gained one billion views in March 2017 and just within two years, the channel attracted 2 billion views as one of his most viewed videos titled, How To Put on a Condom gathered more than 48 million views as of June 2017 despite being uploaded in 2013.

HowToBasic as of 2017 (imagge source)

Following the nature of his videos, some of them have been removed for violation of Terms of Service while some have been handed age restrictions as they sometimes have nudity or sexual content. The ones that have been permanently removed include How To Kill Someone, How To Discipline Your Child, How To Train a Cat, How To Get Rich With CS: GO, How To Cure Ebola and others. Then those videos that were previously removed but have been reinstated are How To Make Cookies, How To Use a Dishwasher, How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs, How To Paint a Realistic Eye, among others.

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As a result of the incessant demands from his fans to disclose his face, HowToBasic uploaded a face reveal video in March 2018, which appeared to be fake as it turned out to become a compilation of famous YouTuber who claim to be the creator of the channel. Most of these social media personalities who appeared on the video have also gone ahead to create individual videos where they claim to be HowToBasic and they include MaxMoeFoe, Warrun, VSauce and Ali The Cabbage.

As it stands, the face and the identity of the creator of one of the most popular YouTube channels still remains a history as he has succeeded in maintaining anonymity despite being famously known.

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What Do We Know About Him?

1. Background Details

HowToBasic is an Australia-born whose birthplace is Sydney and date of birth is recorded as 8th July 1979. He has three siblings whose names are Dan, Joshua and Steven. As mentioned earlier, his identity is still unknown.

2. He is a Writer and Director

Aside from making appearances on his videos, HowToBasic has served as the director of two episodes of his tutorial video series from 2014-2018. He has also written one episode of the tutorial series in 2018.

3. Suspensions

The popular YouTube channel has been briefly suspended on a few occasions as it is presumed to have violated YouTube’s policy on misleading content. It was first terminated in December 2014 while the second termination occurred a year later. However, the temporary suspensions only lasted for a day or even some hours as it didn’t take long for the channel to be reinstated.

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4. HowToBasic’s  Net Worth

Through his creative works on his channel, HowToBasic has made huge earnings. He is reportedly said to be worth around $4.5 million, having accumulated millions of views as well as millions of subscribers.

5. Award Nominations

HowToBasic has reportedly gained nominations for Best in Wired and also Best in Food in the Shorty Award. Millions of people participate in The Shorty Award to recognize individuals and organizations producing great content on the various social media platforms.

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