Al-Bashir: HRW Calls On Jordan To Arrest South Sudan President

On Sunday, Human Rights Watch called on the Arab country of Jordan to arrest or deny the entry of Sudanese President, Omar al-Bashir into the country.

President Omar al-Bashir has been on an international “wanted” list for his role in committing war crimes in the western region of Darfur, Sudan.

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The summit fo the Arab league holds on Wednesday in Amman, Jordan and President al-Bashir hs been invited to attend the summit. However, HRW wants Jordan to prevent Bashir’s entry or arrest the Sudanese President.

“Jordan should deny entry to Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir or arrest him if he enters the country,” HRW said in a statement.

“Jordan would be defying its international obligations as an ICC member if it allows Bashir to visit without arresting him,” said Elise Keppler, associate international justice director at HRW.

Bashir has been wanted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide related to the conflict in Darfur. The ICC issued an arrest warrant for Bashir in 2009 and 2010 as well, but he has evaded being brought to book.

In 2015 South Africa was criticized by the ICC for refusing to arrest Bashir who was visiting to attend the African Union summit. This caused South Africa to seek a withdrawal from the Hague-based court citing a bias on the part of the court against African leaders in particular.

South Africa’s decision was revoked by a local court for failing to have the decision pass through the parliament first, nonetheless, there are speculations that South Africa could relaunch its withdrawal process in the future.

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The Gambia, under the rule of Yahya Jammeh also expressed a desire to leave the ICC. However, Adama Barrow’s administration made a U-turn on the decision, stating that the Gambia will remain in the ICC. The only African country currently with a fixed desire to leave is Burundi.