HRW Wants Egypt To Condemn Minister al-Zind’s Hate Speech

A Human Rights Watch (HRW) Group wants Egypt’s president to condemn it’s minister of justice Ahmed al-Zind, who implicitly advocated the support of mass killings of supporters of the Muslim brotherhood.

In the interview, the minister said that he would not be satisfied until 10,000 members of the muslim brotherhood were slain for every one member of the armed forces.

May God have mercy on our virtuous martyrs. If the armed forces took revenge in a swift response, killing or finishing off 40 wrongful terrorist extremists, the armed forces will do everything they can to take revenge – to quench our thirst for revenge. I believe that these virtuous martyrs – I swear that we will only be satisfied to have 400,000 for their sake … I swear by God almighty that, personally, the fire in my heart will not be extinguished unless for each one there’s at least 10,000.

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The group argued in a statement that;

“President al-Sisi should clarify that his government will ensure the prosecution of anyone who commits, orders, or assists in murder or other crimes against Brotherhood supporters or any other group because of their political or ideological affiliation,” the statement said.

As minister of Justice, al-Zind is expected to uphold the law and promote law and order in Egypt. When a minister with such a role makes uncanny statements like that, it is not to be overlooked. This is why the Human Rights Watch want President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi to condemn the minister’s remarks in order to make sure that his government does not endorse what he said– that is, the mass killing of muslim brotherhood supporters.

Sarah Leah Witson who is the HRW Miidle East and North Africa (MENA) director claims that Minister al-Zind’s threat is as real as it gets because the security forces have already killed hundreds of Muslim brotherhood supporters and some judges have sentenced many to death in mass trials.

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