Hua Mulan – All You Must Know About The Legendary Warrior

You can’t go down memory lane in Chinese history without coming across the legendary warrior Hua Mulan. Her story was first written in a poem titled Ballad of Mulan. Though she seems so real, however, there is no archeological proof that she existed in person yet tales of her escapades fills the horizons of the Chinese world. She is being described as the woman who brought hope and bravery to the people of China, and here, you will learn all there is to know about the legendary warrior.

Who is Hua Mulan?

Hua means Flower while Mulan is interpreted to be Magnolia. Magnolia is said to be one of the symbols used in China to interpret peace or hope. Ideologically, Mulan’s roots are unknown though whoever wrote the history of Ming linked her family name to be Zhu in the history of the Qing, it was recorded as Wi.

Her story has been linked to the history of China way back in the 4th century after the death of Christ and was written in the Ballad of Mulan poem which was crafted from a song, in 386 AD. The originals of the song have been wiped off history however it was reframed in the Music Bureau Collection compiled by Guo Maoqian in the 11th century.

Here is All You Must Know About Hua Mulan, The Legendary Warrior

Mulan’s tale came into existence in the playwright of Xu Wei which was a drama portraying the Female Mulan or The Heroine Mulan Goes to War in Her Father’s Place. It was later incorporated in the Sui Tang Romance; a novel which was written by Chu Rehou in the 17 century.

Hua Mulan’s story portrays her braveness in taking the stead for her father for an ongoing military recruitment of soldiers to save China. Her heroic act was due to the fact that her father was aged and had no son who could stand in his stead, she sacrificed all she had to achieve as a woman and disguised herself as a man to save her father.

She carried the sword belonging to her ancestry hoping it gives her luck as she went into battle with it. You are right if you guessed her prayers were answered, as she trounced her opponents in an onslaught.

Mulan’s Relationship

Her story also embodies her love life, she found love amidst all the strives she was contending with as she was caught in the webs of Jin Yong who was an officer during the war. Initially, Jin liked Mulan for his (her) exceptional fighting skills but when he found out that the brave fighter was a woman, he had more admiration for her. In the long run, other soldiers started finding out her gender to which they had their different opinions on.

Military Accomplishments

As time passed, Hua Mulan got tired of living in the shadows and on one faithful day decided to go to the battlefield in a woman’s robe without disguise as a man. This was an unheard and unseen thing in the Chinese military formation at the time. Hua earned more respect as she fought with all her might and strength in the battle which she later won with her loyal soldiers.

Her Reward and Death

As it was surprising to all the soldiers so likewise, it was for the emperor who found out that the bravest squad member in the military was a woman. In a quest to reward her the emperor gave her a ”blank cheque” however humble Mulan decided to request for a horse to go home. On getting home, she discovered that her father had died instead of acknowledging the fact that life has to move on, the warrior decided to take her own life because she felt rejected and lonely.

The Real Person of Mulan

It has been proven that Mulan’s story has been connected to the world of today, the story was linked via the historical reign of the Tang Dynasty in which they won over Wang Shichong and Dou Jiande. The history of Mulan has been reported due to the stories behind the nomadic ethnic group which destroyed the central government way back in the 4th and 5th century. The story links that the war was fierce and this brought about the likes of Mulan who were brave enough to be the frontiers during the war despite their gender as females.

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Hua Mulan and Modern China

Every time China needs hope and inspiration, they tell this story to their children and it has remained a popular part of their art and literature studies. Her story has been linked to over ten movies and a few theatre plays. She is a symbol of outward bravery and a lady of prestige. Whether Hua Mulan tale is a facade or not, her story inspires the people of China and they look forward to being as brave as she was said to be in generations to come.

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