UN And Right Groups Are Hyping Borno Food/Welfare Crisis For Monetary Gains – Buhari

According to the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari, reports of the poor state of Borno state, Nigeria are blatantly exaggerated by the United Nations and other human right groups.

He plainly said that these agencies were hyping the level of crisis in the area for ulterior motives. He said the human right groups were doing it for financial gains.

The President said in reply to a Friday statement released by the UN,

“A projected 5.1 million people will face serious food shortages as the conflict and risk of unexploded improvised devices prevented farmers planting for the third year in a row, causing a major food crisis.”

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Buhari says that these deliberately manipulated fallacies are aimed to instill unnecessary fear in the people. The president, in an official statement presented by Garba Shehu, says these agencies are totally wrong in their findings and predictions.

“We are concerned about the blatant attempts to whip up a non-existent fear of mass starvation by some aid agencies, a type of hype that does not provide a solution to the situation on the ground but more to do with calculations for operations financing locally and abroad,”

“It is not true as these reports have indicated that 100,000 or even a million people will die because the government is unable to provide care at the camps.”

“This country has a responsible government under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari, which is doing a lot to bring relief to the displaced people.”

President Buhari acknowledged however that Boko Haram wreaked a lot of havoc in the north-east region, “consequently, there is death, there is hunger and there is poor nutrition”.

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However he says that the government is tilting her endless efforts towards “rehabilitation, reconstruction, resettlement, recovery and the dignified return of IDPs back home.”

He also solicited for any sort of help that could come to assist the government in carrying their plans for the victims of Boko Haram insurgency.

Mr President concluded that “the hype, especially that which suggests that the government is doing nothing is, therefore, uncharitable and unnecessary.”