Buhari Has Betrayed The Confidence Of The Nigerian Masses – APC Chairman

On Monday, the 8th of August, 2016, the factional chairman of All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kano State, Hussaini Mairiga registered his gross disappointment in the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Hussaini Mairiga with all effrontery shared his utter dismay with the media over the past one year of total failure from Buhari’s administration.

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“From the looks of things, President Buhari has betrayed the confidence of the Nigerian masses who voted for him massively into power.”- Hussaini Mairiga.

According to the political chieftain, the suffering of the masses has tripled and keeps getting worse by the day. Hussaini was empathetic with the plight of Nigerians as prices of commodities sky-rocket.

He went to say that the President is surrounded by people and ministers who do not tell him the truth. This accusation will be in direct contrast with the president’s view that none of his ministers are criminals.

Nigeria has gone so low that it is clear that it is time for people to speak up.

Hussaini Mairiga

By the ending part of last month the media went abuzz with the reaction of Nigerian Catholic priest, Fr. Mbaka to the growing rate poverty in Nigeria. The pro-Buhari cleric surprisingly lashed out at the trajectory of Buhar’s administration.

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These were his words:

“As the president is fighting corruption, some of us are praying that he will equally fight hunger. Hunger is in the atmosphere.”

“All this noise about EFCC arrest this and that, after one week that one is over. People are dying of hunger. Dollar is growing every day… Euro is rising every day… Pounds is on hike every day-on a mega level- and naira is dwindling-on a hyper level.”

The priest did not also fail to spot the nepotistic tendency of the President.

“Look at the last NNPC board configurations… How many Yoruba are in that board? How many Igbo are there? …How many Niger-Delta people are there and how many northerners are there? People are watching.”

It is indeed not a good sign when pro-Buhari supporters such as Mbaka and Hussaini Mairiga themselves condemn the governing style of the president.