“I Give Up” The Three Words You Shouldn’t Say When The Going Gets Tough

Life is not a bed of roses, a lot of us know this quote and even more so, know it to be true. Despite this fact, I give up, should not be a statement that should be common in our vocabularies.

The difficulties in life are not reason enough for you to utter these defeatist words because although life is hard, there are people who have survived and thrived.

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It is good anytime that you are at a point where you want to give up to imagine if some of the innovators and activists and great figures in history who have gotten us to this point had said I give up in the face of one difficulty or the other.

Take Thomas Edison for instance, it has been said that he and his team tested more than 6,000 possible materials before finding one that fit the bill for their light bulb. His lightbulb was the first one that proved practical, and affordable, for home illumination and to do that, Edison had to choose a filament that would be both durable and inexpensive.

You would agree with us that 6000 is a pretty high number of materials to test. now imagine if Edison had said I give up at material number 900 or even the 3000th material. Maybe, we would have finally gotten the light bulb from another inventor but Thomas Edison would not have been remembered for that particular feat.

Instead of giving up in the face of difficulty, try to make a change or to find a solution to the problem, don’t give up if the first solution doesn’t work. Try something else and if that doesn’t work, try something else. Instead of saying I give up, say to yourself that you try and try again.

Here are three reasons you shouldn’t say the three words ‘I give up’

Problems always have a solution

There is absolutely no problem in the world that is devoid of a solution. The solution may be simple or complex but it is most definitely there. it may not even be the solution that you have imagined and are therefore looking for, the solution can sometimes come from areas that you are not expecting. The issue, however, is coming up with this solution or at least hanging on until it comes.

Problems can sometimes look like giants towering over us but the fact that every problem has a solution should limit their size in our eyes. Just breathe and take some time carefully seeking a solution, just don’t throw in the towel and say I give up.

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There are people around to help you up

Do not accept your helplessness in the face of trouble because you are not helpless. Besides the help that you offer to yourself by knowing that there is a solution and searching out that solution, there are also people around wh0 may be willing to lend a helping hand.

A man is not an Island and for good reason, you do not have to go through everything on your own. People can surprise you with help when you need it the most. Sometimes you will have to ask for this helping hand, other times it will just come naturally but just make sure you are open to receive it.

Struggle gives life meaning so don’t wish it away

If life was indeed a bed of roses just imagine how boring that would be after a while. Some of the struggles and troubles we have had have helped shape us into who we are today. they have refined our character, made us stronger, made us kinder to other people and so on and so forth.

We need to feel challenged to feel that we are moving and increasing in our lives. That is not to say that those challenges do not feel overwhelming sometimes but reminding yourself that they help give significance to life can help you bear up under it no matter what it is.

When you do overcome the struggle, you will be thankful that you did not give up and the victory will be even sweeter for being so hard won. Without struggle, life wouldn’t be worth living.