Introducing The Brain Behind Nigeria’s First Limousine Tricycle

26 year-old Ibrahim Adekunle, aka, “Mr. Make People Happy” has invented Nigeria’s first ever Limousine tricycle.

The Nigerian inventor says he did not have either a secondary or tertiary education. He dropped out of Primary school because his parents could not afford to sustain him in school.

For 6 years, Ibrahim Adekunle was trained as a Blacksmith and Welder. In time he set up his own place at Opebi in Lagos.

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His “Limousine tricycle” like he calls it, was one of the 5 selected inventions on the BBC’s coverage of the Maker Faire Africa. The exhibition, which took place in Lagos was organized for inventors .

Ibrahim’s Limousine tricycle was created by cutting and fusing 2 normal tricycles together. This was obviously convenient for him with his welding skills. He then added more seats and parts in-between. The vehicle takes about 10-13 persons.

According to the young Nigerian inventor, the Limousine tricycle creation was borne out of his quest to make people happy. It appears it is gradually paying off.

“I’ve taken it to some Church Rallies and they rent it for about N20,000 to N30,000. Somebody has used it to do a wedding before and I can still use it for carnival. In a rally, the pastor will sit inside, preach and share flyers.”

The vehicle, which cost him over N300,000 took 6 months to construct because of lack of funds.

“I bought the Marwa fairly used from someone at N180,000. When I bought it, I cut it into two and bought a lot of parts from the market to construct this. All the parts I bought cost about N150,000.”

“It took me almost six months. But right now, if I have all the money I need and I want to do it for someone, I can finish it within two days.”

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He says it will cost about N700 000 to produce one Limousine tricycle if contracted to do so.

When asked if he has intentions of using the tricycle for public transportation, he said no for one major reason. He did not want to be harassed by the Nigerian police like they normally do.

He is currently working on another invention he chooses to call the “Entertainment Jeep”. In his exclusive interview with Bella Naija, Ibrahim Adekunle solicited for financial assistance from Nigerians to give life to his bright ideas and inventions.



Image(s) Source: Bella Naija