iCampus Registration Process and Guidelines for Portal Login

In the bid to ensure continuous teaching and learning while schools are shut down following the COVID-19 pandemic, Ghana’s Ministry of Education (MoE), through the Ghana Education Service (GES), introduced virtual learning platforms. These are televised (Ghana Learning TV) and online (icampus) programs. The foregoing, along with a radio program, are designed to provide students with the opportunity to continue studying core subjects – mathematics, English, science, and social studies, as well as selected electives.

This dynamic web-portal designed to help meet the differing needs of its registered institutions makes it easy for learners to log in and access relevant information from a remote location. Given the numerous benefits that iCampus offers, it’s clear why various institutions in the country have subscribed to it. As a comprehensive school management system, it simplifies the way they carry out their daily tasks. However, despite its popularity, a good number of Ghanaian students still find the iCampus registration process quite difficult. This article will provide the necessary guidance you will need to get started.

 What You Should Know About iCampus

iCampus is an interactive student portal that uses technology to automate daily services performed by academic and administrative staff. The platform manages all the student activities and also handles the attendance sheet. In addition to meeting the unique and varying needs of schools, the management software helps to keep the result status of each student in its database for future analysis. The web-portal empowers teachers, students, parents, staff members, and management to login and gain access to all relevant information and communication from a central location.

iCampus also utilizes various modules to enhance the teachers’ and students’ experience while integrating with the back-end administrative operations. To fulfill its purpose, it makes use of an integrated set of modules to support teaching and studying, as well as manage core education administrative processes. Some of the processes involved include admission processes, student information management, student finance, recruitment processes, staff/HR management, ministry reports, inventory, accounting, time & attendance, library, and more.

Benefits of iCampus to Students

  • Access to core subjects and selected electives
  • Access to video lessons and notes
  • Access to virtual labs and online tests after lessons

How to Locate Your Institution on iCampus

Every higher institution that is registered on iCampus is sure to have a link that will direct its students to the platform. To access the iCampus portal of your school, the steps to follow (for registered institutions) are explained below:

  1. Visit the official portal of your institution
  2. Once the page opens, locate and click on “iCampus” option to access the login portal.
  3. From the new page that opens, fill in your user ID, and then, click on the “Authenticate” button.

iCampus Registration Process for New Students

For students who are visiting the platform for the first time, all you will need to do is:

  1. Visit the official page of your institution’s portal.
  2. Locate and click the “iCampus” option and a new page will open up.
  3. Beneath the “Authenticate” button, you will find two options: “New Student” and “New Faculty”.
  4. Click the “New Student” option and wait for a response.
  5. On the new page that opens, you will be required to fill in your details to get registered. You will also be required to provide your identification number, a new password, and a functional email address.
  6. You will also be asked to provide a security question that only you have an answer to. This is needed for security purposes, in case you forget your password.
  7. Once you have provided the security question and answer, the next thing is to press the “Create Account” button.

iCampus Registration Process for SHS Students in Ghana

Ghana’s Ministry of Education (MoE) launched the E-learning platform icampusgh.com for Senior High School (SHS) students to enable them to continue their academic activities while they stay at home amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Like the one used by higher institutions in the country, icampusgh.com comes with a user login interface for high school students. To access the platform, you will need your Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) index number. This is because it is the best way to identify a Senior High School student that is yet to write WASSCE. With your BECE index number, you can follow these guidelines to get started.

  • Login to the e-learning platform icampusgh.com.
  • Enter your BECE index number as your username.
  • Enter ghana@12345 as your default password and click on log in.
  • You will be required to change the default password before you can continue using the platform.
  • Click on View all courses to see the subjects available. Click on any of the courses available and enroll.

Note: Form 3 Senior High School students are required to add 17 to their index number E.g. 309074025 then 17 to read 30907402517.

How to Change Your Default iCampusgh Account Password

It is mandatory for all SHS students using the iCampusgh platform to change the icampusgh default password to a more secure one of their choice. To create a new password, the following steps will guide you:

  • On the login interface, enter your BECE index number as username and ghana@12345 as the default password.
  • Click on the ‘Sign In’ button.
  • You will be presented with an interface for you to change the default password.
  • To create a new password, enter the default password in the current password field.
  • Then type your new password in the new password field.
  • Repeat your new password in the next password field.
  • Click on the ‘Save Changes’ button. At this stage, your password has now been changed and you can access the platform with it.

What School Curriculum Does iCampus Support?

iCampus is built to handle different types of programs within a single school, a school can follow an IB program for middle school along with IGCSE, but the application does not limit you to any specific curriculum. you can as well easily access an American, French, Arabic, Australian, or British system. Each module in the application covers one or more departments. iCampus modules also cover the HR, payroll, IT, administration, library, financial, and registration departments.

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