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Once hailed as the gold standard of authenticity, Ice Poseidon is a live streamer and YouTuber who hates the whitewashed, feel-good version of life portrayed on social media. For streaming fans, the fact that people can now broadcast live video from wherever they are and connect directly with their viewers is as exciting as the invention of the television.

With streams that have been described as a real-life reality show for edgelords online and also likened to Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Ice Poseidon is one of those online influencers who sees himself as an envoy to the real world on behalf of the culture of online trolling. Here are facts to know about the live streamer popularly known for participating in various in-game pranks and who spends his time walking around Hollywood Boulevard in search of content.

Who Is Ice Poseidon? – Early life, Age, Real Name

Ice Poseidon was born Paul Denino on September 29, 1994, to Enza, a mental-health administrator, and Michael Denino, a plasma technician. He grew up in Martin County, Florida, a rural area near Palm Beach. Denino was a very shy child and in desperate moves to make friends as well as gain attention, he acted out and ended up changing schools often. At some point, he also spent time at a forestry camp for troubled boys and was later diagnosed with suffering from behavioral issues.

Denino describes himself as a “weird” kid growing up. His online moniker is traced back to his early years. At age twelve, a neighbor introduced him to RuneScape, an online fantasy role-playing game where his character Ice Poseidon was created by a random name generator. Denino centered his social life on RunScape, especially because he could do things for attention without suffering real-world consequences. It was on the platform that Denino met his first real friend, Gray Shaw, who lived in California and later became his roommate when Denino moved to L.A. Given his claims of a difficult childhood, which was filled with a never-ending struggle against authority, Denino likes to see himself as a rebel, fighting against a world filled with people trying to tell you what to say or how to act.

Digital Breakthrough

After high school, Denino originally planned to attend college and major in finance but after attaining his associate’s degree, he took a job as a line cook. Most of Denino’s life has been awkward and introverted. Being a gamer for most of his life, he would always come home from work and play RuneScape. According to him, streaming helped his confidence, especially after he began gaining popularity through his unique acts.

His first major internet breakthrough came in 2013 when he uploaded videos of a prank he called ‘closing doors’ to YouTube. Surprisingly, the videos garnered views and birthed Denino’s broadcasts on Twitch. In a short while, Denino was soon making about $8,000 a month in viewer donations. Twitch noticed Denino and he became a partner on the site. By his third month of streaming on the platform, Denino already had thousands of viewers concurrently watching his streams. Consequently, he decided to make a career off live streaming after he lost his job at the restaurant.

Twitch Ban

Though live streaming began in 1996, the launch of the video-game streaming platform Twitch in 2011, birthed professional live streaming. The platform offered a number of ways to monetize a live stream and attracted a huge audience of young gamers who have the potential to make millions of dollars a year.

As a top streamer on Twitch, Denino moved away from games and turned his life into a self-produced reality show. In no less than two years, fans watched Ice Poseidon go from a gamer who lived in his parents’ house and worked as a line cook at an Italian restaurant to a geek rock star. Many loved his channel because he created a community around his stream.

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But in April 2017, Denino joined the list of other popular streamers who fell victim to online swatting after a viewer called in a bomb threat on a plane he was flying on when streaming. Ice Poseidon was at the airport and left the details about his location and the plane he was boarding open to every viewer. As Ice Poseidon and a friend were boarding the plane, a viewer swatted them and the two were subsequently removed.

This resulted in Ice Poseidon’s channel being banned by the streaming service. Due to the policy surrounding the leaking of a streamer’s location, Twitch believes that Ice Poseidon violated the company’s terms of service and should have taken better care to protect his location to avoid such a situation.

While popular streamers and content creators are often subject to pranks by viewers, Ice Poseidon’s case became one of the first instances where an actual act got the individual banned from their streaming service. More so, there has been a debate among fans and fellow streamers alike as many believe the Twitch ban was unjust.

Following his indefinite ban, the popular Twitch streamer thereafter decided to switch fully to his self-titled YouTube channel where he is currently an in-real-life broadcaster. Despite the setback, he has also succeeded beyond expectations on the new platform which he has turned into an unlikely digital theatre. Denino has at different times been accused of misogynistic and racist posts and stunts, yet he continues to garner a huge following on his YouTube channel with over five hundred thousand subscribers on the platform, given his boisterous personality, spontaneity, as well as the insanity of his streams.

Net Worth

Ice Poseidon’s status as a successful streamer has been established given the number of loyal and adoring fans that he has amassed across various online platforms. He did an amazing job at accumulating a close community and earns a modest fortune from his career as an online gamer and social media influencer. Denino also makes money through fan donations and his current net worth is estimated at $100,000.


Ice Poseidon and Caroline Burt
Ice Poseidon and Caroline Burt

Denino’s love life and dating history has been quite controversial, as there are unconfirmed allegations that he has even had affairs with some of his fans’ girlfriends. But his most recent relationship with a young platinum-blonde lady named Caroline Burt has been even more controversial. Apparently, many Denino’s fans despise Caroline, a former Dash Dolls reality star and have accused her of being responsible for the fall in quality of his streams. She has been described as the ‘leech’ that is taking him away from the stream and using him to boost her own career.

In order to please his fans, Denino made a big fuss about ending the relationship and they actually believed he did. But it was later discovered he allegedly faked their break-up and has been secretly seeing Caroline. Nonetheless, with his unending drama cycle, Denino continues to get more fan engagement.

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