Everything About Sonya Nicole Hamlin – Idris Elba’s Ex-Wife

Sonya Nicole Hamlin though popularly known as the ex-wife of super hot English actor, producer, musician DJ, and sex symbol Idris Elba, is an American real-estate lawyer. Sonya and Idris met sometime in 2005, and after dating for a while, they decided to make their union official in a secret ceremony in Las Vegas.

Sadly, the couple’s union ended in divorce just a few months after. Sources say that their different career ambitions were one of the factors that led to their separation. Although they are no longer an item, the former couple remained very good friends. The famous actor has long moved on but questions have been rife about whether Sonya is dating anyone at the moment.

Sonya Nicole Hamlin is a Maryland Native

Regarding Sonya Nicole Hamlin’s birth, formative years, and immediate family details, they are readily not available. Having said that, we wouldn’t be mistaken to say that if Sonya Nicole Hamlin hadn’t tied the knot with the famous actor, you and I wouldn’t have known her. From what is obvious, the lawyer is a very private person as she has always made the conscious effort to stay away from the limelight apart from her nuptials and subsequent divorce.

However, even with all her aversion to publicity, a few details about Sonya’s early life managed to sip out to the public arena. The former wife of Idris Elba was born in 1974, and her place of birth is given as Maryland, United States. Even though she was born in the US, Sonya left America at some point in her life to live in Notting Hill, London, after which she went back to the US to practice her career.

On her academic qualifications and institutions attended, there are no details on that, but reports say that the American national studied law in Washington and London, and her area of specialty is property law. The solicitor is a fervent fan of the boxing sports and loves watching the weigh-ins. She has a weakness for chocolates, and during her leisure time, Sonya Nicole Hamlin enjoys listening to music, often spending time at the seaside.

She Met Idris Elba Through A Mutual Friend

Sonya Nicole Hamlin
Sonya Nicole Hamlin and Idris Elba

Sonya was introduced to Idris Elba in 2005 by a mutual friend who happens to be the actor’s manager. At the time, she was at the prime of her career as a lawyer; she had an office and was the boss of over 8 employees. Meanwhile, on the actor’s part, he was struggling with getting over the heartbreak from his former love affair with a certain Desiree Newberry, having been divorced from Hanne Norgaard, who he shares a son with.

Despite their messy personal lives in that period, Sonya Nicole Hamlin and Idris Elba decided to give love a chance, thus, the couple started dating. Afterward, they took things up a notch and moved in together at the actor’s home in Maryland. Months passed, and they seemed to have blended well into each others’ lives, living happily without any hitches whatsoever.

According to the lawyer, when their whirlwind romance began, they suddenly came to the realization that they had so many things in common: they are both devoted to their respective families, loved to cook, enjoy boxing, and had to struggle before making it in their professional lives.

The Couple’s Nuptials Was Never Pre-planned

It all started on the 8th of April 2006 when the loved-up couple traveled to Vegas to watch a boxing match between Floyd Mayweather Junior and Zab Judah. Though the primary purpose of going to Vegas was to witness the match, that was not the only thing that happened there. After the duo was done with the match and back in their hotel room, they decided to exchange marriage vows come sunrise, and coincidentally, they were in Vegas, where marriages can be contracted without much hassle. They didn’t even have to go far to get the diamond ring for the occasion, Idris bought it from the jewelry store right there at their hotel.

Alongside her fiancé, Sonya Nicole Hamlin procured a marriage license and proceeded to the Kittle White Wedding Chapel to pledge the forever commitment. Their wedding happened on the 9th of April 2006 without the presence of any family member on either side. Consequently, the lovebirds had to persuade a Las Vegas estate agent, Daniel Krastev, to be their witness; they only met him a few hours before their emergency nuptial.

Thus, within a few hours, Sonya went from being the live-in lover to becoming Idris Elba’s legally married wife. The newlyweds later informed their families about their marital status but made the conscious effort to keep the information from the public arena. They proceeded to have a honeymoon in Jamaica. Before their marriage went sour, Sonya and Idris were often seen displaying massive PDA at several red carpet events.

Sonya And Idris Got Divorced As Fast As They Got Married

It is no news that most celebrity marriages in this recent generation don’t usually have a happy ending. When the news of Idris’ union with Sonya got out, there were quite a number of the actor’s fans who loved what they heard. Little did they know that in the nearest future, their happiness would be cut short. Unfortunately, Sonya and Idris had to call it quits with their marriage a few months down the line.

According to reports, the couple’s individual career choices created a huge problem in their marriage, which led to the decision to part ways. The reports went further to state that Sonya Nicole Hamlin couldn’t make the complete move to LA as she already had a flourishing professional life in Nevada. On his part, Idris chose his career over their union. Since the divorce, Sonya has maintained a cordial relationship with her former husband, but mostly she stays away from the limelight.

In an interview, Idris Alba’s former wife revealed other reasons for their separation and ultimate divorce. According to Sonya, she loved Idris dearly, but the actor’s previous relationships came between them. She also apportioned some blame to Idris’s friends, who were determined to prove that she was a bad omen in the actor’s life.

During the divorce proceedings, the lawyer stated that her ex-husband’s goals of becoming a sex symbol in Hollywood may have affected his married life. The actor was voted sexiest man alive by People, and a few days down the life, his daughter Isan was named Golden Globe Ambassador.

Here’s What Transpired During The Divorce Proceedings

Six weeks after their nuptials in June 2006, the lawyer decided to file for a divorce in Maryland. However, the specifications of the state law say that marriages should endure for at least one year before divorce proceedings can be activated. Being a lawyer who knows her way around in the legal profession, Sonya Nicole Hamlin decided to take the battle to Nevada.

Even there, Sonya could not be stopped as she went ahead to employ one of her kind with claims that she was drunk on her wedding day and was not aware of her surroundings. With these claims, her marriage was successfully annulled.

Is Sonya Nicole Hamlin Dating Anyone?

Sonya Nicole Hamlin was deeply affected by her separation from her ex-husband. She went into depression and enveloped herself with work. Although reports say that she made a total recovery and is now enjoying some peace, they failed to mention if she has hooked up with another man or is still single.

On his part, Idris Elba remained single for a long time after his divorce from Sonya Nicole Hamlin. But that is no longer the case as he later got engaged to model and former beauty queen Sabrina Dhowre. According to recent reports, the duo has taken their relationship to the ultimate conclusion of marriage and are living happily together. The actor tested positive for the novel Coronavirus and took to Twitter to inform the public. However, he has made a full recovery.

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