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Idubbbz is a Los Angeles based YouTuber who is popular for his absurdist channels and comedy video series. The YouTube personality is the owner of two channels iDubbzTV and iDubbzTV2 and his main channel is hosting more than 6.6 million subscribers and has been viewed 897 million times as of 2018.

His comedy video series include Content Cop, Kickstarter Crap, Gaming News Crap, and Bad Unboxing. Idubbbz released a diss track, Asian Jake Paul featuring British fellow YouTuber and recording artist Boyinaband, which peaked at number 24 on the US R&B/HH Digital Song Sales. 

Idubbbz Bio, Age & Real Name)

Ian Carter was born on July 27, 1990, in San Antonio, Texas, United States. He has two brothers, Troy and Kevin. Professionally known as Idubbbz, he has built an impressive reputation for himself as a YouTube personality who has piqued the interests of millions of followers at a young age; he started in 2012 at age 22.

Although his real name has been something of a dispute with speculations on whether Ian’s last name is Kovic or Carter. It is believed that the later is used for privacy reasons, but in one of his (deleted) videos where he was playing Overgrowth, his brother Kevin was heard in the background calling him “Kovic.”


iDubbbz has been an active YouTuber since 2012 and is known to court controversies with his videos, critiquing other channels. At first, he was uploading gaming videos and later gained popularity with his Gaming News Crap series. While some of the videos are no longer on his channels, iDubbz TV is mostly known for Bad Unboxing, Kickstarter Crap, and Content Cop. Each episode of his Content Cop series highlights and critique YouTube contents. This has garnered critical appraisal and popular YouTube personalities like Philip DeFranco who once stated that “no one does hit-pieces better than Ian.”

Nevertheless, what makes the Content Cop episodes seem dreadful is that creators under scrutiny lose a significant number of followers or subscribers. Media personalities who have come under Content Cop scrutiny include RiceGum, Keemstar, Tana Mongeau, LeafyIsHere, Toy channels and Techrax. His Affiliation with these “Enemy” channels didn’t pass without some retaliation. In his first Content Cop, released in 2015, iDubbbz criticized fellow YouTuber, Jinx Reload for not improving the visual quality of his original videos beyond 720p. He claimed that this is so he [Jinx Reload] could upload more frequently.

Meanwhile, his Content Cop on Daniel Keem of DramaAlert and storytime YouTuber Tana Mongeau didn’t augur well with the YouTube creators. He called out the former for threatening big YouTubers with negative coverage, calling Keem a rash decision-maker. Then comes the N**** word amidst the feud. Mongeau criticised iDubbbz via Twitter, for using the n-word and retard while enjoying the benefit of having 3 million subscribers. She tweeted she’d be genuinely happy if iDubbz loses all his subscribers.

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In retaliation, iDubbz confronted Mongeau at a VIP networking session in San Francisco. While posing for a picture he raps his arm around her shoulder and gave a cheesy grin, saying “say, nigger! instead of “say cheese.” He was escorted out of the premises by security when the storytime YouTuber reacted unfavorably. But she went further to upload a video of the incident titled “N-Word.” iDubbbz pointed out her hypocrisy in an old video where Mongeau used the n-word. It later boiled down to Mongeau apologizing for using the word, saying she feared for her life, but not after the Content Cop video received 4.2 million views in the first two days.

For his channels recording, iDubbbz uses tech devices such as Samson C03 microphone, Canon 80D camera, Fraps & Dxtory screen recording software, and Sony Vegas 11 Pro video editing software.

Is He Gay or Does He Have A Girlfriend

iDubbbz’ sexual orientation doesn’t seem to be up for a debate since he has a girlfriend, Anisa Jomha who’s also a media personality; a gamer to be precise. The question of whether he is gay only sprung from the “I’m Gay” comment he made while jumping off a table in a video meme in May 2016; the video received over 1.1 million views and 2,500 comments.


The cancer rumor sparked after the retired YouTube personality, FilthyFrank shaved his head, in a video collaboration with iDubbbz, and donated the hair to a Hair Cake. But it doesn’t seem like Ian Carter has cancer.

Height: 1.84 m (6’0”)

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