Inside Iliza Shlesinger’s Life With Husband and How Much She is Worth Now

Witty, spontaneous, and truly humorous, Iliza Shlesinger is an American comedian who is clearly proving that the stereotypical claim that women are not really funny is not only incredibly wrong but completely outrageous. Having been in the game for more than 10 years, Shlesinger has grown bigger with each step, stunning fans with her incredible ability to crack ribs.

Also an actress and television host, Iliza Shlesinger has proven to be a super-talented woman who knows her onions, whose rise to fame is well-earned and whose rising glory has become the talk of comedy lovers.

But apart from knowing how to keep a firm grip on her career, Iliza also clearly knows how to keep a home having formed a happy union with the love of her life. Wondering who the man in her life is? Allow us to tell you all about him.

The Man Iliza Shlesinger Married

Like we have already hinted, Iliza Shlesinger is a happily married woman at the moment. The comedian is married to a man called Noah Galuten who happens to be a chef, author, and food writer.

Galuten is quite an interesting man. Our findings show that after graduating from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2004 with a degree in Theatre, he attempted to kickstart a career as a playwright but failed to do so. Therefore, he took to food writing and has done well for himself in that field.

Iliza Shlesinger
Iliza Shlesinger and Noah Galuten

Now working for Golden State restaurant group, Galuten has written for different magazines over the years including popular ones like Los Angeles and LA Weekly. He also co-wrote the book titled On Vegetables, with Jeremy Fox, another American chef.

How Shlesinger Met Galuten

Unlike most stories of how celebrity romance starts, Iliza Shlesinger and Noah Galuten did not meet at an event neither were they introduced by mutual friends, instead they actually met on a dating app! The name of the app is now top secret but we know that they first met each other on the app in July 2016 and fell for each other right away.

Soon after, they decided to meet in person and things got more serious for them afterward. They started dating and learned that they shared some things in common, a realization that made their affection for each other soar.

The Night of the Proposal

Noah Galuten did not waste time in proposing to Iliza Shlesinger. Reports show that in mid-2017, he proposed and she said yes. But the proposal was quite dramatic.

On the night of the proposal, the couple went out to have dinner. But Galuten had secretly enlisted the help of his mother and Shlesinger’s assistant to set up their living room for his proposal while he and Shlesinger were out. When he and Shlesinger eventually returned home from dinner, she decided to use the bathroom to pee when she noticed that their living was unusually filled with flowers and candles and realized that her man wanted to propose.

At that moment, Galuten prevented her from leaving the room, telling her that he was about to do something she had to see. But her fly was already down so she started to cry, insisting that he cannot propose with her zipper pulled down. Eventually, she managed to zip up her pants and Galuten proposed to her. She happily accepted.

Iliza Shlesinger
Iliza Shlesinger and Noah Galuten on their wedding day

Finally, Shlesinger and Galuten tied the knot as husband and wife on May 12, 2018. The marriage, which was a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony, held at South Park City Center in downtown Los Angeles.

Iliza Shlesinger is a Wealthy Woman

Iliza Shlesinger is not a poor woman. Her successful career as a comedian, actress, and television host has helped her build a sizeable amount of wealth.

At the moment, her net worth has been pegged at about $1 million by different sources. The comedian is one of the success stories of women who have defied the odds to pursue a career in the male-dominated industry.

How does She Make Her Money

Like we have mentioned already, Iliza Shlesinger is a career woman who has risen to fame as a professional comedian, actress, and TV host.

Born on the 22nd of February 1983 to Jewish parents in Manhattan, New York, she realized her desire to be a comedian from early on and showed interest in performance art by joining the improvisation team at Greenhill School. As a growing teenager, Shlesinger was never shy to express her funny bone, performing at ComedySportz in Dallas.

After graduating from college, Shlesinger moved to Los Angeles, where she joined the Whiteboy Comedy group and quickly became one of its popular members. From dominating the local scene of comedy, Iliza took her excellence to the digital space and won Myspace’s So You Think You Are Funny Contest.

In 2008, the biggest win of Iliza’s budding career came in the sixth season of Last Comic Standing. She became the first woman and the youngest to win the competition. She really rose to prominence after she won the competition and it is easy to trace her comedic career take off to that point.

Since getting her big break, she has featured in comedy and television shows like John Oliver’s New York Stand Up Show, America’s Next Top Producer, Comedy Central Presents, and Byron Allen’s Comics Unleashed, among others. She has her own show on the GOTV mobile network.

Shlesinger is also a writer and author who has written for and has a published book, Girl Logic: The Genius and the Absurdity. She is also the host of a late-night show, Truth & Iliza. Just like other comedians who record and release specials, Shlesinger has four comedy specials that have all been released on Netflix.

Shlesinger has performed countless times on stage, cracking people up with her humor and rising to become one of the female comedians to reckon in the USA. With her acting and her TV hosting included, Shlesinger has managed to fetch herself her enviable net worth which is expected to increase as time goes by.


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