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Michael Santana, better known as Imaqtpie, is an American League of Legends player who retired in 2014 from playing professionally to follow a full-time streaming career on Twitch, having been a professional player for Team Dignitas since 2011. With over 2 million Twitch supporters, he is one of the largest League of Legends online personalities. Imaqtpie has made tremendous success as a Twitch streamer, and it’s only fair that people would want to be more acquainted with the man. Right here, we’ve got facts about the gamer’s life put together for your reading pleasure.

Imaqtpie’s Biography

Imaqtpie was born in the city of Margate, Florida, to parents Jose and Maria Santana on the 21st of February, 1992. By birth, he is half Cuban and half Colombian. From his mother’s description of him as adorable, he received his nickname, Imaqtpie. Also known as qtpie and qt, the professional gamer is the youngest in a family of three. He has two older brothers; Andres and Jose Jr. From his early days, he was already an avid television watcher, keeping his eyes glued on any channel that had to do with food; most especially the Food Channel. Imaqtpie went to Coral Springs Charter School. After he graduated, he followed up on his education by attending Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida. While at the university, he studied biological science as his major.

At a young age, he started playing, particularly SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs and finally League of Legends. He tried League of Legends when it first came out because it was free to play. As time progressed, he became more confident in his gaming abilities. Talk about perseverance! Encouraged by friends and supporters after airing his desire to go pro, Imaqtpie formed Oh God Bears in 2011. He moved to California so he could handle his gaming duties properly, and subsequently to headquarters of League of Legends creators Riot Games.

Imaqtpie began competing in local tournaments, gaining acclaim with his successes. This got him noticed by Rock Solid team founder Scarra, who recruited him. He joined Rock Solid as an AD carry in April 2011. Team Dignitas purchased the team in September of that year to enter the professional League of Legends, acquiring Imaqtpie, scarra, and Voyboy. A month later, the team won first place in Atlantic City’s IGN ProLeague (IPL) Season 3, defeating Epik Gamer 2–1 in the final and winning a $10,000 team prize. In 2012, the squad won the first position at the San Francisco Curse Invitational and won a $20,000 team award.

Later the same year in September, Team Dignitas placed 2nd in the Season 2 North American Regional Finals at PAX Prime in Seattle, Washington. They lost to Team SoloMid in the finals but qualified to compete in the Season 2 World Championship in Los Angeles. The team placed 4th in the regular season in Spring 2014 and was not qualified to compete in the playoffs. Imaqtpie later said in an interview that the lack of success of the team was due to the desire of the players to have fun, rather than compete.

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Team Dignitas announced in October 2014 that Imaqtpie will leave the team. On a vlog posted on his YouTube channel, Imaqtpie stated that the reason for his retirement was that he preferred to play games with friends for the fun of it rather than competitively. Down the line, Imaqtpie began to dabble into cooking after his hiatus from gaming.

Any Girlfriend? If Married, Who’s His Wife?

Imaqtpie and wife Lisha (Source: Instagram)

Imaqtpie is married to his long-time girlfriend Lisha Wei. The two met each other thanks to dating app OKCupid and began dating shortly afterward. After the two lovebirds dated for several years, they tied the knot at a surprise wedding in July 2018. The wedding gained attention online, thanks to Imaqtpie’s choice of attire for the event; a t-shirt and shorts. The couple currently lives together in California.

Lisha Wei, a fellow online gamer, is well-known on Twitch as Owolisha and as of August 2018 has gained over 30,000 supporters as a live streamer.

Imaqtpie’s Net Worth

Imaqtpie has a very steady online followership on his Twitch account, and he has remarked on how his parents are very proud of his career. He is estimated to receive an annual salary of $2 million from his Twitch streams. He is well worth over $1 million.

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