In Obama’s Shoes: Meet The Nigerian Who Has Become The First Black Female President Of Harvard Review

Nigerian law student at Harvard University, Imelme Umana has broken a 130-year old record in the United states.

The young woman has been announced as 131st President of the Harvard Law Review (HLR), a position Barack Obama occupied years ago.

The striking similarity is that while Umana is making history as the first black female president of HLR, Obama who is also black is the first American president to have ever held the prestigious office.

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Obama was HLR president at the age of 28. He served as President of the 104th volume of the review in 1991.

As stated on their website, the Review is a publication run by students but independent of Harvard school. The 130-year old law journal is published monthly from November through June.

As the president, Imelme Umana will be heading about 90 editors in harnessing the standard of the voluminous 2,500 paged journal.

Imelme Umana who has a major interest in American politics as it affects black women has served as president of the student advisory committee at Harvard’s Institute of Politics.


“For a field in which women and people of color have for too much of our past been marginalized or underrepresented, her election is an important and encouraging step toward a richer and more inclusive legal conversation,”-Michael L. Zuckerman, Outgoing president.

Nigerians have set the niche for academic excellence, especially in diaspora. Imelme who lives in Pennsylvania is yet another proof. It is an amazing feat that an African-born would break a 130-year old record in the US.

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Umana graduated from Harvard College in 2014. She studied government and African-American studies. Umana belongs to the 2018 Harvard Law School group.

The Review accepts articles from both students and outsiders who are legal enthusiast as well.

“The Review publishes articles by professors, judges, and practitioners and solicits reviews of important recent books from recognized experts.”

With the article titled, The President’s Role in Advancing Criminal Justice Reform, Obama wrote the latest non-student publication in the journal.

Aside from Obama, about 7 US Supreme Court judges have previously held the same position.