Imfact – Members Profile, Trivia and Everything You Need To Know

The world of K-pop is more interesting than ever. The increasingly competitive K-pop industry is filled with a growing wave of young talent vying to make it to the top. Among them is Imfact, a five-member boy group under Star Empire Entertainment. They debuted on January 27, 2016, with the single Lollipop. Their name is a combination of ‘Impact’ and ‘I’m Fact’; to make a strong impact on the music industry and produce truthful music.

Imfact dropped their digital single NANANA and a music video for it on August 16, 2018. Earlier in the year, the group showed off their mature concepts with The Light in April of 2018. They continued that style with NANANA, incorporating EDM sounds into the song with lyrics talking about the struggle of the youth to achieve their dreams.

Imfact members live together so they don’t spend much time on their own. This had led to a group with members that are close to each other while also having fun. They love to have fun but also work very hard. They consider BIGBANG their role model since they also want to gain global recognition and success while traveling the world playing concerts.

Imfact Members Profile

Imfact is made up of five members; Jian, Jeup, Taeho, Sang, and Ungjae.



Jian is a South Korean singer and rapper under Star Empire Entertainment. Born on November 8, 1993, his real name is Lee Daekwang. He is the leader of the boy group Imfact. Some fans believe his distinct looks were achieved thanks to surgery, though that is so far only a rumor. He’s bilingual, able to speak Korean and Japanese. He is also a great cook.



Jeup is a South Korean singer under Star Empire Entertainment and a member of the boy group Imfact. He was born Park Je-up on March 27, 1993. Jeup appeared on the 4th season of I Can See Your Voice Season 4 but got eliminated. Jeup learned Taekwondo and had even been a member of the national team when he was in high school. Some of his wishes includehaving Ungjae’s hair, Taeho’s jawline, Jian’s ears, and Sang’s height.



Taeho is a South Korean singer under Star Empire Entertainment and one of Imfact’s members. He was born Kim Wonjin on November 1, 1993, but legally changed his name to Kim Tae-ho. His strengths are lyrics writing, composing, and choreography. He can speak Korean and Chinese. Before joining Star Empire, he trained under other labels such as MBK Entertainment and Happy Face Entertainment. His motto is “finish what you have started”.

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Lee Sang was born on October 17, 1995. Known widely by his stage name Sang, he is a South Korean singer under Star Empire Entertainment and one of Imfact’s members. Sang was spotted by Star Empire Entertainment when he was three years old. His strengths include lyrics writing, composing, as well as playing the guitar. Sang can also speak Korean, English, and Japanese.



Ungjae was born Na Ung-Jae on May 28, 1998. He is a South Korean singer and rapper under Star Empire Entertainment known popularly as Ungjae. Ungjae described Sang as his ideal type and came out as bisexual. He can play the piano and is bilingual, speaking Korean and Japanese. Ungjae often works late at night and tries to rest in the morning. For him, inspiration comes at night.

Trivia and Other Facts About Imfact

1. On January 27, 2016, Imfact released their debut single album Lollipop. The album contained four tracks with the title track being Lollipop, and it was produced by the group members.

2. On August 13, 2016, they held a live broadcast on Naver V App to celebrate their 200th day since their debut and announced their fan club name IF.

3. Imfact made their comeback in January of 2019 to celebrate their 3rd anniversary. The boy group released their new single Only You on January 24, 2019, which featured their colorful and unique charms. It was their first comeback in 5 months and kickstarted their 2019 activities.

4. Imfact sang an OST for the drama called Perfect Day cementing their title as rising OST Stars in the business. Other OSTs they have covered are Andante OST Part.5 (2017), My First Love OST Part.4 (2018), 4 Different House OST Part.2 (2018), and Children of a Lesser God OST Part.3 (2018).

5. Imfact has gained international attention when it comes to overseas touring opportunities. Members Jian, Sang, Jeup, Taeho, and Ungjae completed their first-ever European tour in the first half of 2019 and made history for being the first K-Pop group to perform in Greece.


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