Dubs Programme: British Immigration Stops Admitting Child Refugees Into The Country

Dubs Programme- The British government has stopped accepting child refugees fleeing war in Syria and other countries because it says it cannot adequately provide for them.

The child refugee scheme known as Dubs programme has been beneficial to refugees from the Middle East and North Africa.

The suspension of the scheme means that for now refugee children will remain in camps and not permitted into the UK.

Shocked by the announcement by Home Affairs, the Arch Bishop of Cantebury has expressed his disappointment, comparing the suspended scheme to Donald Trump’s travel ban.

According to the Home Affairs secretary, the suspension of the scheme was because of the tendency that the scheme would “incentivise” children to travel to Europe. Amber Rudd supported the view.

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“The Government has always been clear that we do not want to incentivise perilous journeys to Europe particularly by the most vulnerable children,”

The Home Affair’s defense infuriated many critics who considered this to be one of UK’s lowest moves towards refugees in recent times.

The child refugee scheme was conceded last year after a campaign by Lord Dubs, a former Jewish refugee who fled the Nazis in the 1930s.

In 2016, the British ministers agreed that about 3000 children will be admitted into the UK under the scheme. Current report reveals that alongside the ban which is claimed to be temporal, the Home Affairs would be taking a total of 350 child refugees.

Courtesy of the media it was found that lives of children where risked to get to the UK for the privilege of “entering Europe”. It was also found that some of the refugees in the scheme were older than expected.

While some find the suspension of the scheme disheartening, the government defends the move saying that it was necessary that the Home Affairs department restructured the scheme to meet the expected need of providing for children refugees.

Adding more shock to the suspension of the scheme, report says that from January this year, disabled children were not admitted into the UK.

In other words, child refugees from nations like Syria, Libya, Yemen and Iraq, who have complex needs, including disabilities and learning difficulties have been denied entrance into the UK.

The Dubs programme as popularly called has been on since October but will come to an end by March.

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Saddened by the development  the opposition’s MP Yvette Cooper described it as shameful.

“[The government] is completely wrong to close down Dubs scheme to help lone child refugees after less than 12 months! Refugee crisis hasn’t gone away,”

“US President trying to close refugee programmes altogether. Now UK Gov closing Dubs programme for most vulnerable refugees of all. Shameful.”

Steve Symonds, director of Amnesty International UK’s refugee and migrant rights programme warns that the suspension of the scheme will “only exacerbate the risk that these children fall victim to traffickers and other abusers.”

While Dubs programme grants asylum to lone children, the UK also runs another scheme for resettling both children and their families in the country.

Already, a petition has been launched against the suspension of the child refugee scheme. The petition has gotten over 6000 signatories at the moment.