Important KRA Contact Numbers and Addresses for Reaching Kenya Revenue Authority

Dealing with customer complaints and inquiries is a daily task for several companies. It is even more critical for an organization as big and essential as the Kenya Revenue Authority. It is why the KRA needs to have diverse channels in the form of contact numbers and addresses, easing the stress on workers and providing swift solutions to customer complaints.

On July 1, 1995, KRA came into existence with the primary duty of collecting revenue for the Kenyan government. Given that every Kenyan is subject to this mandate, it means the KRA deals with a ridiculously huge customer base. As a result, they are consistently swamped with complaints, queries, and inquiries. What better way to deal with the massive demand than by creating multiple channels for citizens to reach you? Here they are.

Various Channels For Contacting KRA

The KRA functions are multi-faceted, which means they cater to a wide range of people. Some of these roles include:

  • Assessing, auditing, and collecting all revenues due to the Kenyan government according to the provisions of the law
  • To come in as advisors when it comes to the administration and collection of revenues from different sections under stipulated laws
  • Performing other tasks that relate to revenue collection as directed by the Minister of Finance.

To cater to complaints and inquires in all categories, KRA has put have put in place different platforms to reach their customer representatives.

By Calling KRA Customer Care

One way to get in touch with the KRA to report a complaint or get information is by giving the customer care agents a call. There are two numbers readily available through which they receive calls from: You can dial either +234 20 4 999 999 or +254 711 099 999.

Dial either of these numbers using any network operator and request for a customer agent. You can then proceed to ask your questions, make your complaints, or get your queries in.

Note that calling either of these numbers is not toll-free and you will be charged at the standard call rate as with other calls. The call rate is dependent on the network operator and your tariff plan.

Sending an E-mail

If you do not want to call the customer care agents due to lack of airtime or simply not being in a position to talk, you can try sending an e-mail. Sending an e-mail to KRA is another option for contacting them.

Simply create a subject for your mail and proceed to write the content for your mail. It could be a complaint, a query, or an inquiry. Once finished, address the e-mail to [email protected] then wait for a response from them.

If the address is incorrect, you will get a message informing you that the e-mail address cannot be found. So ensure you have the right address before hitting send.

Paying a Visit to any of the KRA Offices Near You

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If you do not have the patience for a call or wait for a reply to your mail, you can always pay a visit to the nearest KRA office in your region. Sometimes, the issue is an emergency that requires solving within a time frame, and handling it in person with a customer agent is your best bet.

The KRA has several offices spread across Kenya in various regions. To get the direction to the office nearest to you, visit this URL and search for the offices available in your area.

Click on the particular office nearest to you, and a map showing directions will be displayed. Check out the list of KRA offices spread across Kenya according to seven regions and the head office.

  1. Head Office – The Head Office is where every affair of the KRA is run and regulated. Every other KRA office operates according to the regulations set by the headquarters. Visiting the head office to complain means the issue or inquiry is of the highest importance and cannot be dealt with by other offices. The head office is at Times Tower Building, Haile Selassie Avenue, Nairobi, Kenya.
  2. Nairobi Region – the head office technically falls under the Nairobi region, but there are three other buildings in this area. They are – Sameer Park, Ushuru Pension Towers, and Railways Club. Select the one you feel is more convenient or closer to you if you stay in the Nairobi region.
  3. South Rift Region – there are three KRA offices under the South Rift region. They are – Generation House in Nakuru, Jubilee Mall located in Naivasha, and the fourth floor of the Kitengala Mall in Kajiado.
  4. Northern Region – for those in the Northern region, there is only one KRA office available. Head to the third floor of the Sartaj Building, off Kangundo, Machakos.
  5. Western Region – There are many options for Western region residents to choose from with six KRA offices present. They are – Lake Basin Mall in Kisumu, Posta House in Kakamega, Umoja Plaza located in Kisii, Malaba OSBP, Busia OSBP, and Isebania OSBP.
  6. Central Region – similar to those in the Western region, individuals based in the Central region also has six KRA offices to choose from. They include – Thika House in Thika, Premier Building on Kanisa Road in Nyeri, Machere Plaza in Kerugoya, Ubii Plaza in Mayuki, Ngeka Centre in Murang’a, and Kiambu Mall.
  7. South-Coast Region – for those in the South-Coast, head to either one of the following KRA offices in your region – Customs House in Mombasa, Malindi Complex in Malindi, Potter’s House in Voi, Mkungunu Square in Lamu, and Holding Meridian located in Ukunda.
  8. North Rift Region – if you are in the North Rift region, you have three KRA offices to pick from – Eldoret, Customs House in Lodwar, and Nzoia Women Plaza in Kitale-Trans.

Which is the Fastest Way to Contact the KRA?

Usually, customers want to get swift replies to their complaints and want their issues resolved. The three methods of contacting the KRA mentioned above are all effective. Still, there is no set way to determine which is faster for sure, however, they all have their advantages and their limitations.

Suppose the issue is an emergency that has a timeframe. In that case, your best bet is to pay a physical visit to any KRA office to lodge your complaint and get things sorted in your presence. Physical visits ensure clarity of communication, and you can put pressure on the agent to get to your requests.

If your issue does not have a time frame and you do not have the time to visit a KRA office, calling any customer care line is the best option. It can be time and airtime consuming, but you eventually get to speak to a customer care agent and air your complaints or inquiries.

The least advised option is the mail option. With the mail option, you are not sure if the e-mail has been seen or not. You do not have a timeframe for a reply or a way to determine if they are actively working on your issue. Sending e-mails should be the last resort for complaints or inquiries.

How To Know Your Nearest KRA Station

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Not every individual is conversant with tax filing and its numerous complexities. As a result, KRA has set up tax stations. A tax station is a KRA office that you visit to get information regarding your KRA PIN and other issues that have to do with taxation.

They keep you up-to-date on happenings and inform you of the steps to take. Every KRA PIN is attached to a specific tax station. Finding out where your tax station is easy and doable via SMS.

Just follow the following steps to find your KRA tax station
  1. Dial *572# from your mobile phone
  2. Select the first option from the list which is ‘Enquiry’
  3. Proceed to select ‘Domestic Taxes Services’ then ‘Tax Station Enquiry’
  4. Proceed to enter your KRA PIN then press OK
  5. You should receive an SMS containing details of your tax station.

Using this service costs KSH 5 for every attempt.


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