Ghana Faces Criticisms For Opening Wide Its Arms To Arabian Refugees

With the rate of wars and conflicts spinning out of control, people are desperately running away from their home countries to better and save their lives. Ghana for one is home to increasing Syrian settlements.

The more this happens, the surer the possibility of having a more racially diverse population amongst the people of the world. According to Wikipedia, Ghana has the largest Arab population in western Africa. They are popularly known as the Ghanaian Arabs.

These Arabians are mostly from Lebanon, Syria and Arab Maghreb. Syrian settlements are increasing in Ghana.

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For Ghana to give asylum to Syrian refugees is quite a generous gesture. Many European countries have shut their borders to this group of people. Ever since the war in Syria, the country has been reduced to a caricature if its former self. There are more burnt and destroyed structures than standing and existing ones. As a result, desperate Syrians were forced to move.

Somehow, Ghana understands their plight. Recall that the west African nation suffered a similar situation during the official expatriation of Ghanaians from Nigeria. Perhaps this has prompted the need for the permit of Syrian settlements in Ghana.

Syrian Settlements

Hannah Tetteh, Ghana’s Minister of Foreign Affairs says the government will take care of the Syrian refugees in the country. Under the auspices of Ghana’s Refugee Board, the government also makes it clear that this will not affect the tax rate of her indigenous citizens.

However, it appears that there are traces of budding disagreements among the Syrians. Earlier in the year, the leader of Syrian refugees, Abdul-Ghani Badenjki, expressed his dismay about the presence of Yemenis at the Syrian settlements.

“My reason is that we in Syria are not extremists when it comes to our religion. We have some form of freedom when it comes to our culture… We in Syria are even against terrorists and we don’t support it because it is destroying the image of everyone and that’s why we are not happy about the Yemenis being here.”

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When the refugees begin to nurse tensions like this in advance, one wonders if they speak out of unhealed traumatic experiences or perhaps stressing on a concern that Ghana should consider at this budding stage. It appears many Ghana natives share the same sentiment.

As he expressed his grievance, he also mentioned that in their midst as co-refugees in Ghana were 2 Yemeni ex-convicts. Ghanaian government believes that both men who were released by the United States have turned a new leaf. Contrary to this, Fox news revealed that the ex-Guantanamo Bay convicts were extremely dangerous.

A great number of people disagree with the government on this. It is assumed that the Syrian settlements are unconstitutional since it was done without consulting the lawmakers.