Increase Physical Activity At Your Desk-Job With These Tips

No matter how much you love you job, it is a proven scientific fact that a sedentary lifestyle (sitting down and tackling stuff from watching T.V to driving to work) is not the healthiest option. It has been shown to increase the potentiality for cardiovascular diseases and its likes. So now that we are settled on the fact that spending half your day seating at a desk is not exactly good for you, we are not asking you to quit your job, but instead we want to discuss ways that you can increase physical activity while you continue doing your great job.

Don’t Take An Easy way To Get to Work: Depending on how far your work place is from your home, walk a little distance or the entire way when you are going to work. You could also bike, opt for public transportation or just anything that will not require you being seated the entire way, since that is what you will be doing most of the day anyway.

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Park As Far Away From The Entrance As Possible: If you do drive to work, park your car as far away from the entrance to your office as possible so you have to walk a little before you sit down

Increase Physical Activity

Walk To People’s Offices or Desks: Depending on how your work place is structured, you should be able to do this at least once. Instead of calling the person or sending a message, stand up, walk across the room and go tell them whatever it is and just like that you increase physical activity.

Stand Up At Meetings: Meetings often involve the entire workforce gathering at one location, rather than fighting to secure a seat, be secure in your knowledge that standing is probably better for you anyway.

Take The Stairs For Every Errand: If your office is at the top floor, better for you, take the opportunity of any errand to tackle some flights of stairs rather than using an elevator.

Stand Up While Working: For menial tasks that do not require all your concentration, stand up and do them. Whether writing a note or replying an email, stand up and get it done.

Desk Job

Drink A Lot Of Water: Drinking water will increase the amount of times you have to pee asides from being healthy in itself and this way you get to walk to the toilet ever so often.

Utilize Your Breaks: Increase physical activity at break times, either walk out to an eatery or if you brought a meal with you from home, split the time between eating and taking a walk and take that walk.

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