Taking the path of the Japanese Bullet train inventions, India is set to launch her first. The only twist is that this time around, the super speedy train will have its tracks underwater. In other words, the proposed Indian underwater bullet train will be the first of its kind in the country.

Japan was the first to launch and use bullet trains in their transport system. Overtime the response and feedback has been so positive. One particular attribute of taking the bullet train is the high-speed factor. Ordinarily trains are known to be somewhat slow but the bullet invention changed all that. With bullet trains, passengers attest to a quicker than expected arrival to their destinations.

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The underwater project is set to kick off construction by 2018. It is reported that the underwater bullet train is super-exorbitant and will be sponsored by the Indian government. It is estimated to cost about Rs 97,636 crore ($15, 621, 760, 000). However, the Japanese government have stepped into the scene, with a financial loan that covers about 81% of the bill. The soft loan is to be spread over a 50 year period with an annual interest of 0.1%  with 15 years’ moratorium. Some equipment for the train construction will also be imported from Japan.

The train has been designed to provide a view of the ocean. The track in itself is designed to give the feeling of riding in  an aquarium. It will travel from Mumbai to Ahmedabad at the speed of 350km per hour. The bullet train is to cover some 508 km with an operating speed of 320km per hour.

This implies that the journey which usually takes about 7 hours will now be drastically reduced to 2 hours. For all the perks that the underwater bullet train is ready to offer, one sure thing is the obvious increment in ticket fares.

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Underwater Bullet Train

It will be a revolutionized transport system in India. The idea of having a train that runs under water sounds like a fairy-tale but the truth is that it has been achieved in a few developed countries.

As a “third world” nation venturing into this super-power invention, it signals a great deal transformation in India. A while ago the nation wowed the world with their classy and reliable car plants and smart phones. Now they will be one of the few countries daring enough to launch an underwater bullet train.