Sadly, a 15 year old minor who had been admitted into a hospital in India after a rape incident, was raped again in the toilet of the hospital.

The 15 year old who was raped near her home in Parsudih area of Jamshedpur on January 26th, was admitted into the hospital for appropriate treatments. Sunday evening however saw her being raped again in Mahatma Gandhi Memorial (MGM) Hospital. The accused is 50 year old security guard, Shambhu Mahato, who is in the employ of the hospital. He was arrested on Monday.

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The girl had initially been raped by another minor, who had been detained and sent to a juvenile remand home. The victim has now been transferred to Tata Main Hospital, which is considered as the best hospital in the city, for further treatment and rehabilitation. This incident came on the heels of a review conducted by Jharkhand Chief Minister, Raghubar Das on the MGM Hospital last week where he directed the authorities to pull up their socks.

Rape in india

The victims mother says that she had gone out to get her daughter food and had met Mahato at the front of the ward upon her return, “He said my daughter’s clothes were soiled and I should change them,”. She then entered the ward and found her daughter weeping, only to be told that Mahato had raped her in the toilet. Running out immediately to look for him, she learnt from the other guards that Mahato had left. She continues that she told them what happened and they asked her to keep quiet, that actions would be taken and she did as she was told. The toilet in which the assault happened apparently had no doors. Investigations are still ongoing into the matter.

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The outrage against the frightening levels of violence against woman in India has been on the rise following the fatal gang rape of a young student on a bus in Delhi in 2012. The tragedy led to major reforms in the country’s rape laws including speeding-up of trials and increased penalties for offenders, the high number of assaults in the region still persists despite all the forward actions.