Inside Bobby Motaung’s Well Laid Out Life As Kiazer Motaung’s Son

Bobby Motaung is the manager of the leading South African football club Kaizer Chiefs as well as the son of a South African football icon and the founder of the Kaizer Chiefs Motaung Kaizer.

Bobby has demonstrated to be the true son of his father in different ways. Currently managing his father’s football club, Motaung has not only proven that he would stop at nothing in protecting his father’s age-long legacies but has a clear-cut vision on how to do so.

 Bobby Is Not The First Of Kaizer Motaung’s Sons

Born on July 10, 1970, to Kaizer and Valeta Motaung in Johannesburg, South Africa,  Bobby is only one of the five children of the Legendary South African footballer. He was raised along with his four siblings, two brothers, and two sisters. Currently in charge of his father’s football club which is also one of SA’s most valuable football clubs many have taken Bobby to be Kaizer’s first son, but he is not.

His older brother, Thabo Motaung, who was Kaizer’s actual first son died in 2012 after battling with meningitis. Bobby’s other brother is Kaizer Motaung Junior, the former Munich, and Kaizer Chief’s striker. His sisters are Kemiso Motaung and the popular Jessica Motaung who was once crowned Miss Gauteng, Miss South Africa, First Princess, and Africa’s Queen of Beauty in 1997.

Although there has been no clear-cut information with regard to Bobby’s educational records, what’s clear, however, is that Bobby has proven to be a successful club manager.

Bobby Motaung Didn’t Become Kiazer’s Chief’s Boss Overnight

Being born into a strong football-loving family, Bobby also shared in the family’s inherent passion for the game of soccer. Growing up, he would often follow his father to the stadium, watching his father play and manage the club over the years prepared the young chap for not just the game but also the business. Thus, he has also been a football lover and player though not professionally like his father and brother.

Many may have thought that Bobby better known as Bobsteak got to become the manager of Kaizer Chiefs overnight simply because he was the son of the founder of the club but that is far from the truth. Bobby started off with the club right from the very bottom before rising up through the ranks to the enviable position he now occupies.

Bobby actually started off as a gatekeeper in the club. During weekend matches, he worked at the gate, then he rose to became an office assistant before he advanced to the marketing department of the club. Therefore, he has come such a long way to merit his appointment as the club’s manager. He once revealed in an interview that his priority has always been football and that he had also learned the rudiments of football club management from other experienced football coaches apart from his father.

Despite his current position, his relation with his father has remained that of a father-son
relationship rather an employee/boss kind or a professional one. As Kaizer Chiefs’ manager, Bobby has demonstrated so much competence in lifting the club to greater heights and despite the pockets of criticisms he has been facing in some quarters, the club has fared quite well maintaining its long-standing, pace-setting position and due to his unrelenting efforts and hard work, he has always made his father proud and has often enjoyed his unwavering support as the club’s manager.

His Position As Kaizer Chiefs Boss Has Not Been Without Flaws & Criticism

As mentioned above, his position at the club has not been without flaws and lots of criticism especially with regards to signing and firing players and for this, Bobby is often
under attack from some factions of the club’s fans as well as the media, which in most cases not so good for his reputation and that of the club.

One of the controversies Bobby has been submerged in was a lawsuit with regards to tax evasion as he was alleged to have owed up to R51millon worth of tax revenue which he has failed to remit for years until it got to public light thereby dinting his image.

Again, due to his extravagant lifestyle and love for luxury, bobby was once involved in a legal skirmish with his bank over a luxury car, a Bentley Continental GT which is said to be worth over R4 million. The suit became necessary when the bank which he had the purchase agreement alleged he failed to comply with his own side of the deal which made him accumulate an arrear of over R500,000, and an outstanding balance of R2.3 million.

An Amakhosi fan during their May 2021 peaceful protest

In addition to this, Amakhosi fans in May 2021 gathered for a peaceful protest. The concerned fans matched to the club’s headquarters where they submitted a four-page memorandum, citing their concerns about the club’s decline and inability to win any trophy since 2015. The peaceful protesters were welcomed by Chief’s managerial delegation led by none other than the club’s marketing director and Bobby’s sister Jessica Motaung and her other siblings, Kemiso and Kaizer Jr. Jessica speaking said they were thrilled to hear the concerns of the supporters and that the issue raised in the memorandum will be given the attention it deserves.

Notwithstanding, in the face of all of these storms, Bobby has always gotten the backing of his father the Chairman and founder of the Kaizer Chiefs.

Other Facts About Bobby Motaung

He Is Also A Businessman

Away from football, Bobby has also proven himself to be a successful businessman and entrepreneur as he has excelled in other businesses. Part of his business interest includes construction and stadium management. In 2018, a fraud case was revived against the Kaizer manager and his business partners, Herbert Theledi and Marius Grib, for allegedly submitting fake documents in their bid to design Mbombela Stadium. The case has been on for a couple of years, it was struck off in 2016 and revisited in 2018.

His Luxurious Lifestyle Is Evident

Having a net worth estimated to be over R70million Bobby is one of the richest club managers in South Africa, Bobby has got enough money to support the kind of luxurious lifestyle he lives. He obviously loves good cars and stops at nothing to add the latest models to his collection including the controversial Bentley Continental GT which is worth over R4million. The Kaizer boss is said to have several other expensive cars parked in his garage. His other cars include Mercedes-Benz Viano, Porsche, BMW M5, Range Rover Sport and Audi RS5.

He also owns a luxury mansion in SA in addition to other shopping complexes in Ormonde. Sunday World once reported that Motaung was forced to sell some of his properties near the historic Gold Reef City casino and theme park after failing to keep up with monthly instalments to service the loan.

He’s Been Married For Over 20 Years

Bobby fondly called Bobsteak has been happily married to his heartthrob Eshler with whom he has three kids for over 20 years now. His children: Nthabiseng, Moagi, and Lehlohonolo Motaung are doing well for themselves. His wife is a very private person, thus, there isn’t much about her in the media


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