Inside Dali Mpofu’s Family With Wife Mpumi Nxumalo and their Children

Dali Mpofu’s family includes his wife Nompumelelo “Mpumi” Nxumalo with whom he shares three children – Letsema, Zwekazi, and Mncedisi Mpofu. Dali has another son named Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh born from a previous relationship.

Dali Mpofu, who is largely known as Advocate Dali Mpofu, is recognized for the work he does as a lawyer. He has also dabbled in the politics of his home country South Africa, when he worked as the National Chairperson for the Left-Wing Pan-Africanist Party, Economic Freedom Fighters. Dali has not only been successful in his career but also in his marriage to the equally successful Mpumi Nxumalo. The power couple have a brood of children who are very successful in their endeavors.

Who is Dali Mpofu’s Wife?

Mpumi Nxumalo is Dali Mpofu’s wife. Unlike her husband, Mpumi, who was born Nompumelelo “Mpumi” Nxumalo, is not popularly known and there is not a lot of information available on her private life, particularly on her growing years.

However, we know that she has worked for the government for most of her career. She has worked in different capacities, including that of a Director-General amongst others in different departments in the government.

Asides from her very successful career, Mpumi has kept a very low profile. While it is known that she got married to Dali Mpofu in 2004, the extent of their courtship and how they met are not known. Moreover, while some of her children and husband are quite active on social media, Mpumi is practically absent from social media. She prefers to let her flourishing career do the talking.

Mpumi Nxumalo Has Held Several Important Offices in Government Through Her Career

Before she was appointed CEO of the Airports Authority in South Africa, Mpumi Nxumalo had worked in several government departments such as the transportation industry, Department of Housing as well as the Department of Defense. Her career spans over 25 years, serving on multiple boards and contributing to a large number of projects in the country, particularly in the transportation industry.

She played an integral role in ensuring that the country provided a great transportation service during the world cup that was hosted in South Africa in 2010. Currently, Mpumi Nxumalo is one of the key stakeholders in the Airports Authority in South Africa, she works as the Chief Executive Officer, and is also the Executive Director and a member of the Social and Ethics Committee.

Dali Mpofu’s Family Has Had Their Fair Share of Scandals

Dali Mpofu’s career has not been without its scandal and in this case, it affected his personal life. In a case of bribery and misappropriation of the party’s funds, he was indicted by Winnie Mandela in 1992 by a letter of hers that got leaked to the public.

In the letter, Winnie recounted not only the fact that she had given him money amounting to R160,000, but the two had also had an affair. At the time of these events, Mpofu was still a young lawyer who worked for the ANC and Winnie Mandela. In the letter, she claimed that the issues she was having with her husband Nelson Mandela when he was not speaking to her for 5 months were largely caused by the affair the two had.

Winnie also said that he was spending time with a woman who was the mother of his child, a white woman called Theresa Oakley-Smith. The accusation of fraud by Winnie Mandela and the fact that Mpofu was half her age at the time were the things that fueled the spread of the accusations.

There have been many attempts to refute the claim, and rumors of this only came up again after the death of Winnie Mandela. Asides from this the couple has never been embroiled in any scandals together.

How Many Children Does Dali Mpofu Have?

Dali Mpofu has 4 children, 3 of whom are with his wife, Mpumi Nxumalo. His first child Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh is from a relationship he had with a certain Theresa Oakley. Despite all this, Dali Mpofu’s family is a close-knit one.

Even though they aren’t big on sharing about their lives on social media, it is obvious that they genuinely care about themselves from the little that can be glimpsed. Here is all we know about Dali Mpofu’s Children.

Dali Mpofu Had a Child Before He Met and Married Mpumi Nxumalo

Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh is the first of Dali Mpofu’s children. He was born on January 4th, 1989 in South Africa and he is the most popular of the 4 Mpofu Children as he works as an activist, musician, and author.

Sizwe spent a significant amount of his childhood in South Africa and as such his education happened in the country. He went to Sacred Heart College for his secondary school education. As a child born to a white woman and Black man in Apartheid South Africa, Sacred Heart College was the only school that Sizwe could go to as this was one of the few schools that had an inclusive policy during this period. He also attended the prestigious St. John’s College.

For his university education, Mpofu-Walsh went to the University of Cape Town where in 2012 he earned an Honors degree in Politics Philosophy and Economics. Being a scholarly person, Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh went on to get a master’s in International Relations funded by the Weidenfeld Scholarship at the University of Oxford where he once again graduated with distinction setting him on his way to getting a Doctorate in 2020.

Right from his days in the university, Sizwe has been active in politics. He was the president of the Students Representative Council in 2010 where he was able to fight against a 12% increase in their school fees which was reduced to 8%. He continues to write and speak passionately about his political convictions.

Sizwe has published two books; Democracy and Delusion: 10 Myths in South African Politics and The New Apartheid. Asides from his various pursuits, he owns a business called Company Diversi T.

Sizwe, like his father, is a happily married man. While much isn’t known about the timeline of their relationship, it is known that he is married to Sumaya Hendricks whom he was with for 10 years. The couple welcomed their first child – Hakim Thembekile- together on the 22nd of April 2022.

Mncedisi Mpofu is Dali and Mpumi’s First Child Together

The first of Dali’s children with Mpumi Nxumalo is Mncedisi Mpofu. He is a very important part of Dali Mpofu’s family as it is through him that the world has gotten a glimpse into Dali Mpofu’s family.

Mncedisi is quite active on social media and like his father and other brothers, he is very passionate about politics. Even though his level of education and what he does for a living is unknown, he appears to lead a successful life.

He constantly posts pictures teasing and celebrating his siblings and parents. He seems to be a private person too but from all indications, he is married to a beautiful wife with his own family. His son-Lomwabo should be about 16 years old now.

Letsema Mpofu is the Youngest Boy in the Family

Letsema was born on the 27th of January, 2002. He is the last child but one of Dali Mpofu and Mpumi Nxumalo. Even though much isn’t known about his schooling and other activities, he appears in family pictures alongside his siblings and appears to be having an amazing childhood.

It’s safe to say that Dali Mpofu and his wife have raised their children well. They are well educated, well behaved, and well-grounded about the important aspects of life which are obviously family.

Zwekazi Mpofu is Dali Mpofu’s First and Only Daughter

Zwekazi is Dali’s only daughter. She was born on the 15th of November 2003, a year before his marriage and when he was in 90-day detention and prison. Like most daughters, Zwekazi seems to have a special bond with her father. He took to his Twitter page to celebrate her 18th birthday in 2021 and randomly posts pictures of them on outings.

Even though she is now of legal age, Zwekazi has chosen to stay away from social media. She appears to be more preoccupied with her studies.

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