Inside Enhle Mbali’s Life as DJ Black Coffee’s Wife, Her Kids and The House They Called Home

Enhle Mbali is a South African actress, television presenter and fashion designer known for her role on the South African TV series, Tshisa. She has two sons with her ex-husband, DJ Black Coffee.

They say celebrity marriages don’t last long, but we have seen quite a good number who defied this saying. However, there are also so many failed celebrity marriages that have lent credence to the belief. Enhle Mbali’s marriage to DJ Black Coffee whose real name is Nkosinathi Innocent Maphumulo is one such example. While their union lasted, the couple who are parents to two boys were the talk of the SA entertainment circle, living in luxurious houses both at home and abroad. The couple’s union lasted barely eight years from the time of their traditional wedding until their separation and ultimate divorce. The union may have been short-lived, but there is so much to learn about this celebrity power couple’s time together.

Summary of Enhle Mbali’s Biography

  • Full name: Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa
  • Nickname: Enhle Mbali
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: 3 March 1988
  • Place of Birth: Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Enhle Mbali’s Age: 35 Years Old
  • Ethnicity: African
  • Nationality: South African
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Enhle Mbali’s Ex-Husband: Black Coffee (m. 2011–2019)
  • Enhle Mbali’s Children: 2
  • Enhle Mbali’s Parents: Bongi Mlotshwa
  • Siblings: Tidimalo Sehlako
  • Occupations: Actress, television presenter, fashion designer, businesswoman, philanthropist
  • Years Active: 2004 – present
  • Famous for: Her role on the South African TV series, Tshisa
  • Enhle Mbali’s Instagram: enhlembali_
  • Twitter: @EnhleMbali
  • Website:

Enhle Mbali and Black Coffee Tied the Nuptial Knot Ten Years After Their Official Engagement

It is not clear how or when they met, but Enhle Mbali and her then-boyfriend, DJ Black Coffee, had been together for a while before the celebrated disc jockey popped the big question in 2010. The couple wasted no time in tying the knot traditionally the very next year in her hometown of Soweto in 2011.

The duo lived together as man and wife in the years that followed without the benefit of a white wedding until the 8th of January 2017 when they wowed their families, friends, and fans with their very lavish white wedding. As expected, the wedding reception was graced by a good number of celebrities and high profile personalities in Sun City. The wedding party was complete with the couple’s two children Asante and Anesu on hand to precede their parents’ on the walk down the aisle.

Enhle Mbali
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Enhle Mbali’s Marriage to the Renowned DJ Announced her to a Wider Public

Enhle Mbali was already enjoying a good level of fame in their home country, South Africa before she said yes to the DJ. She was already gracing the screen in acting and hosting roles prior to their wedding. However, Black Coffee’s status as an international star in the music industry rubbed off on his wife, announcing her to a wider audience in all of Africa and beyond.

While her acting took off with the SA TV series Scandal! in 2005, she began hosting Young, Gifted, and Black on Channel O in 2009. Her engagement and subsequent marriage to the renowned DJ did not slow her showbiz career one bit as the actress and television host continued to wax stronger, appearing in more series and hosting other shows on TV.

In addition, she added business to her portfolio in 2015, four years after she married the award-winning DJ. According to Enhle Mbali, finding the right maternity gown to wear for her two pregnancies was a bit difficult which informed the actress’ decision to launch her own range of maternity wears, SE Preggoz in both her home country South Africa and New York.

The Couple Lived In A Flamboyant House

While their union lasted, Enhle Mbali and her husband DJ Black Coffee lived a lavish life both in the United States of America and back home in SA. Their house in Los Angeles, California is said to be among the finest mansions in the area and is worth millions in rand.

Back Home in South Africa, the celebrity couple maintained the same level of luxury. Reports have it that the house the Maphumulo family calls home is even more flamboyant than what they have in the United States. The mansion whose worth is estimated at about $524,658.96 (R8,109,770.00) sits in one of the highbrow areas in the country. More interesting is the fact that it boasts of several bedrooms with resplendent furnishings which include exotic amenities that can make you feel like you’re on a vacation.

That Black Coffee can afford all these luxuries is no surprise to fans as the South African DJ is renowned and belongs to the crème de la crème of the entertainment world. The last estimation of his fortune pegged it at a whopping $60 million. No doubt, the artist is rated among the wealthiest disc jockeys in the entire continent of Africa.

Their Relationship Had Its Difficult Times Too

The internet is not suffused with the details of the duo’s happy times together, but, it goes without saying that a couple that stayed together for more than a decade must have had their moments, celebrated birthdays and wedding anniversaries together. Besides, the birth of their two kids was well celebrated with family and friends.

The couple continued to enjoy their union, shuttling between the United States and South Africa. Enhle Mbali usually travels out to have her children in the United States after which she returns to South Africa. In fact, life was a tale of luxury and splendor for the couple until divorce raised its ugly head.

With that said, what is really trending on social media space is about the hard times they experienced as a couple, especially coming from Enhle Mbali, who has been hinting that their union wasn’t as perfect as people believed. According to the DJ’s estranged wife, while their relationship lasted, she passed through very difficult moments. She said her challenges were so much that she even forgot who she really was as her essence was cruelly stripped away from her. The SA beauty compared her situation to that of a sprinter about to reach a finishing line only to have it removed before she got there, and when reality sets in, a visit from the spirit of hopelessness never fails to remind her of her unhappiness.

On his own part, the South African DJ said they tried everything in a bid to salvage what was left of their relationship but from what was obvious, they already crossed the rubicon and there was no salvaging their union.

She Already Had Two Children With The DJ Before Their White Wedding in 2017

The South African DJ already fathered two sons with Enhle before they tied the nuptials. Though his date of birth is not readily available, their first son is named Anesu and he is said to love fast-moving automobiles. Even though he is still below ten years of age, the boy has been racing for a couple of years and his aspiration is to become a Formula 1 driver in the future.

The couple’s younger son was born two years before their nuptials in 2015. Asante’s place of birth is recorded as New York and the baby of the Maphumulo family turned five in 2020. Asante is yet to give voice to his preferred career path, perhaps he is too young to do so.

DJ Black Coffee Has Other Children For Other Women

Before hooking up with Enhle, Black Coffee already fathered two boys – Esona and Lilitha. While Esona (his dad’s look-alike) who is in his twenties loves music like his father (even though he has taken to modeling), Lilitha loves cars. It is said that DJ Black Coffee has fathered two other children besides the aforementioned behind his wife’s back and that is one of the reasons she filed for divorce. The kids who are each below two is said to come from two different women.

When the news of their impending divorce found its way to the public arena, Enhle Mbali expressed concern about her children whom she wanted to protect from the scandal. She urged fans and the public to respect their privacy because of the well-being of her kids.

He Has Kicked His Family With Enhle Mbali Out of Their SA Home

After the news of the couple’s imminent divorce rent the airwaves following allegations of infidelity from DJ Black Coffee, fans began speculation on who would likely get the luxury property they called home at the end of the day. However, that particular question was answered almost immediately because the divorce proceedings got messy sooner than many expected, and the SA DJ allegedly kicked both Enhle Mbali and their children out of their matrimonial home.

It is somewhat surprising to many that the DJ is being arrogant instead of sorry as he is the one who cheated on his wife, however, the reason have become clear. According to the award-winning artist, he had made attempts to separate from his wife in the past but it didn’t work out as planned. Black Coffee said he sent Enhle a lengthy email suggesting that they go their separate ways. In that email, the DJ gave her an option of relocating herself and the children to another place he will pay for. However, this offer was declined by the mother of two who made it clear she would rather have the home she knows, this, in turn, led to the DJ kicking her out of the house.


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