Inside Michelle Aigbe’s Life as Mercy Aigbe’s Daughter and The Brand She Is Building

Smart, classy, and very beautiful, Michelle Aigbe is a Nigerian model, beauty entrepreneur,
brand influencer, and social media star who has grown very big online over the years. The young woman who happens to be the daughter of the very popular Nigerian actress, Mercy Aigbe, has managed to build her own name and is actively pursuing her passion in the modeling and cosmetic industries.

There is no doubt that Michelle has tapped some vibes from her mother’s popularity to become famous herself but she has since begun making moves that have put her name on the lips of people as a lady of great substance who is confident about her business and passion.

Michelle Aigbe Is Her Mother’s ‘First Fruit’

Michelle Aigbe happens to be her mother’s first child. The model was born in Lagos state on July 11, 2001, and is now 22 years old. Like we have mentioned, Michelle was born to Mercy Aigbe, one of Nigeria’s very popular actresses who has been in the acting game for a very long time and has become one of the most recognizable faces in the Nigerian entertainment industry. On the other hand, Michelle’s father is a man called Lanre Gentry, a hotelier.

Mercy Aigbe is very fond of her daughter, and has once called Michelle her ‘first fruit’ in a heartfelt post she made on Instagram to celebrate the model’s birthday.

It is noteworthy that Michelle Aigbe may be her mother’s ‘first fruit’ but she is not her mother’s ‘only fruit’. This is because she has a younger brother called Juwon Gentry. Juwon was born June 18th, 2010, and is now 13.

Michelle gained her first taste of fame through her mother. As the first child of a very popular actress in Nigeria, Michelle found an easy way to get recognition. She then went on to capitalize on the popularity she got from being related to her mum to build her own brand in cosmetics.

She Is Also Interested In Aeronautics

A very smart and determined woman, Michelle Aigbe is not just a social media star but is also interested in aeronautics. As a matter of fact, the young lady is now studying Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Manitoba, Canada.

Details about where she had her elementary and high school education however remain undisclosed.

What’s The Relationship Between Michelle Aigbe and Her Father?

Michelle Aigbe has an incredibly sweet relationship with her mother, Mercy Aigbe. A quick look through her Instagram page affirms this. Michelle is so in love with her mother that she has lots of pictures of Mercy Aigbe all over her Instagram page.

On each of the posts that she makes on her social media pages about her mother, Michelle often pens down heartwarming comments, expressing how much she adores the older woman and how much she has been inspired by her to find success in life. In one post, she described her mother as a ‘blessing’.

However, the same cannot be said about Michelle Aigbe’s relationship with her father, Lanre Gentry. Michelle has not publicly acknowledged the presence of the father figure in her life and there is no photo of him anywhere on her social media pages.

The Rift Between Michelle’s Parents

One major reason why Michelle Aigbe does not have much of her father’s presence in her life may be because of the rift between her parents. Michelle’s mother Mercy and her father Lanre are separated and their separation was a messy one that rattled the entertainment scene in 2017.

In April 2017, photos emerged online showing Mercy Aigbe’s badly battered face and reports claimed that she was beaten by her husband. Mercy later separated from her husband on the grounds of domestic abuse and removed his surname from her name. They have been living separately ever since. She also started a campaign against domestic violence.

Since the widely publicized rift between her parents, Michelle Aigbe has been living with her mother and is being raised by the actress. This is mainly why there may be very little connection between Michelle and her father. It is not certain if Lanre Gentry contributes financially toward the upbringing of his children.

On Sunday, June 21, 2020, Mercy Aigbe made a post on Instagram where she wished herself a happy Father’s Day, insinuating that she was both a mother and father to her kids. However, Lanre Gentry hit back at her hours later with his own post, wishing himself a happy Father’s Day and subtly shaded Mercy, reminding her that any woman in the world who wishes herself a happy father’s day should be prepared to start paying the children’s school fees.

Lanre Gentry’s post suggested that he was still paying for his kids’ school fees and that if Mercy Aigbe was wishing herself a Happy Father’s Day, she should be ready to take over that role for herself. However, this insinuation has not been verified. In any case, Michelle is a lot closer to her mother than her father and has made it clear on many occasions that her mother is everything to her.

Michelle is Thriving as an Entrpreneur

Like we have mentioned earlier, Michelle Aigbe is a model and brand influencer. However, she does more than these. Michelle actually owns and runs her own beauty products outfit called Michelle Beauty. Michelle Beauty is doing very well and has become quite popular among her many followers.

The outfit has an active website where customers go to buy beauty products and get them delivered. Michelle releases new products every now and then to the delight of her fans and customers.

Michelle Beauty has become highly recognized. In fact, in 2019, Michelle Aigbe won an award at the Nigeria Achievers Award for her work with her brand. She won the ‘Innovative Beauty Product of the Year’ at the event. So, she may be studying Aeronautical Engineering but it is clear that Michelle’s heart is with her beauty line.

Here are the Products in Michelle Aigbe’s Beauty Line

There are a number of products in Michelle Aigbe’s beauty line. These products include:

  • Lipgloss – Her lipgloss collection include Dream Bubble Lipgloss, Dusty Dreams Lipgloss, Darling Lipgloss, 90’s Baby Lipgloss, and more.
  • Highlighter Sprays – She has different kids of highlighter sprays, including Pixie Spray, Trixie Spray, and Dixie Spray
  • Lipsticks – Her lipsticks include Cocoa Lipstick, Wild Matte Liquid Lipstick, Hot Choco Lipstick

The Michelle Beauty store also has eye shadows and glow mists for sale. According to the notice on the website, all the Michelle Beauty store products are cruelty-free and clinically tested for healthy skin and a flawless finish.

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