Inside Prince Kaybee’s Relationship With Girlfriend Zola Ayabulela Mhlongo Rocked By Cheating Scandals

One similarity in most celebrity relationships is that they appear perfect, flashy, and a lot of people admire what the couples have. Nonetheless, this doesn’t change the fact that they encounter hurdles along the way like many other normal relationships. In the case of Prince Kaybee and Zola’s relationship, they won the admiration of social media users and fans with their show of affection for each other. The couple seemed to have found true love in each other’s arms but a cheating scandal led to problems in their paradise. Tracing the love story of the celebrity couple will shed light on the status of the relationship. Did Prince Kaybee’s relationship with Zola Ayabulela Mhlongo survive the cheating scandal?

How Prince Kaybee And Zola Met

Prince Kaybee, a musician known as Kabelo Motsamai, and his girlfriend Zola Ayabulela Mhlongo, a radio presenter known as Zola Zeelovin, met on social media before falling heads over heels in love. Meanwhile, at this time, the musician was in Bloemfontein and Zola in Durban.

Kaybee saw Zola for the first time on social media where she was tagged by a colleague of hers, he liked what he saw, and complimented her looks. The Gagasi FM presenter who did not have an idea of who he was at the time reacted to the comment with a thank you which gave the musician an avenue to slide into her DM. Zola was in a relationship then and didn’t take the discussions further.

Time passed and there was no communication until Prince Kaybee became a resident DJ at the same radio station that Zola worked for. This constantly made them bump into each other and in no distant time, there was a spark of feelings between them. Winning her over didn’t take long as she was single this time around. Their relationship was made official to the public on Youtube on an episode of a popular South African love series Defining Love. However, she accepted the fact that she was skeptical about falling for DJs because they play you like a disc.

The DJ Was The First To Profess Love

In as much as she doubted the DJs love, she couldn’t suppress the flood of passion that was overflowing in her heart for him. On the other hand, Prince Kaybee’s joy knew no bounds for the fact that Zola agreed to go into a relationship with him. He found all he was looking for in Zola and wished to take a big step into the future with her by having kids with her and putting her into his line of business with her running things.

Prince Kaybee stated that Zola is his dream come true while she calls him her answered prayer. The two seemed to have really found true love in each other’s arms until troubled entered their paradise. When the question of who professed love first to each other popped up, the DJ didn’t hesitate to own up.

The Relationship Was Hit By A Cheating Scandal

Most relationships are bound to experience scandals and it seems more rampant amongst celebrities. Apart from gaining fame in his career and business, Prince Kaybee also attracted fans on social media by posting beautiful pictures of him and his partner Zola Mhlongo. To most ladies, the DJ is what every woman will sacrifice all to be with. Evidently, he didn’t get all he wanted in Zola as he went into the bosom of his costume designer.

The South African musician cum DJ got into an affair with a lady, publicly known as Eurica Mos, which he claimed was a fling. They had been secretly seeing each other for quite some time before they had issues. Following the cryptic messages between the Gugulethu hitmaker’s side chick which were shared on social media, it came to the understanding of the public that the two have been seeing each other for five years.

Details of flirty messages, meeting agreements, Uber rides, and more were contained in the WhatsApp and Instagram chat screenshots shared by the lady. Merely looking at the chats, it was easily deduced that a lot has been going on between the two. However, the Twitter post where Eurica made the revelations has been taken down.

Prince Kaybee Admitted To Cheating On Zola

Nothing spreads faster than the cheating scandal of a celebrity who has so many fans. While social media weighed in on the cheating scandal, Prince Kaybee denied having a long-time relationship with Eurica, stating that what they had was just a fling. Even with his explanation, fans of Zola came prepared as they served him the hottest backlash. The camel’s back was broken when DJ Hazel Mahazard shared nude pictures of Prince Kaybee which many admitted to being revenge porn.

It became clear to him that he couldn’t hide anymore after the nude picture went viral and he took to social media to explain things. Taking to Twitter, Kaybee revealed that he met Eurica in Capetown when she came to take his measurement at an event he was performing. The lady is a costume designer. He further said that he has learned his lesson about giving people work.

Finally, it seemed the cat had been belled as he has admitted knowing Eurica more than people think. The underfire DJ took to Twitter on 5th May 2021 admitting that he cheated on Zola with Eurica. Following his confession, he equally apologized to his girlfriend, mother, fans, and the brands that he represents.

Kaybee Was Heavily Criticised Following The Scandal

No matter how well a relationship scandal is handled, criticisms are bound to come up especially when two celebrities are involved. The criticism following the scandal was not an easy one as Prince Kaybee got it hot from colleagues, fans, as well as Zola’s friends and fans. Many took to Twitter to express their disappointment over the cheating scandal and his actions when he dragged Black Coffee for cheating on his wife Enhle Mbali were used against him.

Zola was not left out as she was accused by a fan of Prince Kaybee for also cheating on her ex with him. She cleared the air on this, stating that she didn’t leave anyone to be with Kaybee.

Are Prince Kaybee And Zola Still Together?

In scandals like this, reactions are expected from the other party but Zola shocked social media users by keeping silent throughout the heat. She is indeed a strong woman as she holds her head up high, living her life to the fullest despite what is going on in her relationship. Though it’s not confirmed, Prince Kaybee and Zola seem to have cut ties with each other as seen in his posts on Twitter. He once stated that all he wanted was abs, fast cars, and money, and when asked about beautiful thick women, he replied that he was off those for a while.


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