Instagram To Begin Alerting Users If You Screenshot Temporary Messages

If you are a snapchat user you, will probably recognize the new feature that Instagram is about to roll-out.

The Facebook-owned social network is borrowing a Snapchat feature that will allow users to see when someone takes a screenshot of their direct messages.

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The new feature was first outed by a Twitter user. Apparently, the alert for a screenshot will not apply to every screenshot so no need to retire from that activity.

Instagram has started to make a habit of borrowing features from Snapchat. The latest bit of inspiration the Facebook-owned social network has taken from Snapchat will allow users get the notification when someone attempts to save temporary photos and videos sent through Instagram Direct. Regular screenshots taken of general feed will not be outed by the update.


Snapchat has a feature much like the one being introduced on Instagram. Users get a heads up when the recipient of a snap decides to try to save the image via screenshot. Since Instagram Direct works with concepts similar to Snapchat, the new feature is not at all surprising.

It is obvious why both platforms, which work on a promise of temporary updates that will not hunt the user for eternity, would seek to implement such a feature. Saving a users temporary messages just goes against the spirit of it being temporary.

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The feature for Instagram Direct has not been fully rolled out yet and is still in the rest phase. Currently, it has been spotted on iOS phones but not Andriod phones.

Updating to the most recent version of Instagram available on the iOS App Store will see an Instagram Direct that takes note of disappearing photos and videos but not the screenshot capability.

Panic is spreading along with the news as some users fear that the screenshot notification capability will eventually expand throughout the app, if it is a success at the temporary message stage.