Instagram’s Latest Update Continues Facebook’s Rip Off Of Snapchat Features

By this time, anyone who is even remotely interested in technology knows how Instagram stories/ Whatsapp stories are a rip-off of Snapchat features. Facebook (which owns Instagram and Whatsapp) had initially offered to buy Snapchat but these days the company seems to feel comfortable just ripping them off.

When Facebook had brought out the Instagram update featuring the first Snapchat-like features, a number of people had been surprised, even going as far as questioning the legality of the move.

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It soon became clear, however, that Facebook did not break any rules by debuting features that were eerily similar to Snapchat features and if anything, in the months that followed, part of the growth that Instagram experienced could be put at the foot of the features in question.

This is why it comes as no surprise that Facebook is continuing to copy various Snapchat features. For Instagram’s latest update, the company finally ripped off the last major Snapchat feature it had yet to copy: selfie lenses.

Instagram will now debut the feature on its app, calling it face filters. Instagram wrote in a blog post detailing the changes, that the new filters are “an easy way to turn an ordinary selfie into something fun and entertaining.”

snapchat features

To start off, Instagram is rolling out eight filters but it is likely to add to that number soon. The eight filters being rolled out will be rather familiar to Snapchat users and include; bunny ears, different variations of crowns and glasses (with math equations spinning overhead).

Besides the face filters aside, Instagram added a couple other new “creative tools” in the update. There’s “Rewind,” which is a new video setting that allows you to record and share videos in reverse (a feature which Snapchat also has and had first). There’s also a new “eraser brush” tool that lets you remove portions of your doodles and other effects you’ve added.

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While Instagram enjoys the growth from including these Snapchat features in its updates, Snapchat recently blew its first earnings and is facing declining user growth. Snap CEO Evan Spiegel, however, brushed off investor concerns about Facebook, stating;

“Just cause Yahoo has a search box, it doesn’t mean they’re Google,”

To be fair, Facebook has ripped off almost the entire Snapchat app so Spiegel might just be being overly optimistic but the company also made the case previously that its users are unique in that they spend far more time in Snapchat than they do in other apps.

Finally, for Instagram’s latest updates, the app is adding a new hashtag sticker feature for Stories which will now allow users to create hashtags out of stickers that will deep link to other Instagram content that shares that hashtag.