Intelligent Behaviour: 6 Things That Show Your Intelligence

Even if you could go around declaring to everyone that you are intelligent that would definitely not be intelligent behaviour. It would just get people annoyed and make them doubtful of your purported intelligence.

We consider a lot of people intelligent that we have never even had a long conversation with or stayed with for any reasonable length of time because of the intelligent behaviour that they display.

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Intelligent behaviour will set one apart from a crowd and earn one respect among their peers. It is good to remember that your actions, more than your words will convince people of your intelligence or as the popular saying goes; actions speak louder than words.

So, what intelligent behaviour should you be displaying or at least working on possessing? We have about six that you should, definitely, take note of.

Six Tips On Intelligent Behaviour

Be Early To Meetings

Being punctual is one of the easiest ways that you can put your intelligence on display. It shows your discipline and respect for other people which are both definite traits of intelligent people. Let people get to know you as the person who is always on time and they will no doubt start seeing you as smart.

Remember Little Things About People

You will pass by many people, some that you will get to spend more time with than others. It is, however, a good thing to make a habit of, to learn little things about as many people as you can.

It could be their drink preference, the name of a child, whether they are married or single or a project that they are undertaking. Asking them about something that they mentioned in passing will make them think you are pretty intelligent.

intelligent behaviour

Take Notes

When talking with people or in a meeting, take notes of things that are being said. This will even help with the point above about remembering little things about people. You can note down anything that strikes you so that you still have access to them at a later date.

Just the action of note taking makes you appear smart without even considering the fact that you now have a documentation of the meeting that you can always refer to.

Have A Neat Space

The way you keep your space whether it is the desk in your office or even your desktop computer can give people an insight to how organized or disorganized you are.

A neat space shows organization and thoughtfulness and that is an image you want to project.

Have Good Money Habits

Where does your money go? Are you constantly broke and borrowing money?

Money is definitely a clear reflection of your values as a person and people can make a lot of snap judgements about your person just considering how you spend your money.

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Keep The Right Types Of Friends

Your friends are a reflection of who you are; you spend a lot of time with them and bounce ideas of them. They will influence you a great deal and determine at what rate you grow or if you even grow at all.

Intelligent behaviour demands that you keep the right types of friends. People who will spur you on to be the best version of yourself.