Has Your Interest At Work Waned? 10 Ways To Get It Back

Has your interest at work waned? Do you want to get it back?

Work is a necessary aspect of life. Whether for financial results or other wise, work definitely pays for the body and the bank account.

However, there naturally comes a time when the energy goes down and the interest diminishes inch by inch.

You may have actually hit your elastic limit while dealing with work and your personal life. Work naturally stresses you out at some point; and if left unattended will further mar productivity and work delivery.

Quite a range of things can negatively affect your interest at work. It may be the work load; finance; the conduciveness of the work premise or your relationship with your colleagues.

Outside of the above options, if your interest at work still remains waned, then there is a problem with your work-life balance.

The work-life balance refers to the prioritizing of work and personal life in a way that none is grossly compromised for the other.

According to Wikipedia:

“Work–life balance is a concept including proper prioritizing between “work” (career and ambition) and “lifestyle (health, pleasure, leisure, family and spiritual development/meditation).”

For a good delivery at work, the work-life balance should be maintained.

To make this work, a 50-50 solution is recommended from the work management and the employees. Reason? the employees are the tools that help them achieve their corporate goals. Thus their well-being is of essence.

The company may consider possible lapses in the work area and attending to them; Leave options and maybe routine sessions with psychologists and life coaches. These helps the employee to be re-invigorated and more motivated at work.

On the other hand, the other bulk of the work lies with the stressed out employee whose interest has waned. Here are some of the things one can do to rekindle the lost flame at work.

1. Rest & Retreat


If your interest at work has waned so badly then you really need to rest. Make out more time to rest on purpose. You can reduce your stress level by shutting down and giving yourself a break for a while. Request for a leave if you must. During this break, take a look at what stretches you- domestic chores, commitments in church and social groups, work itself. Put them down and prioritize your concerns.

Frequent meditations on your life so far and the road ahead may be in order. See how far or close you are to your goals and dreams. This will help you work around the available time you have- apportioning workable time frames to the various tasks.

This will equally be a good time to assess your career path, personal growth and development.

2. Exercise Regularly

Regular exercises no matter how brief everyday is good for you. It keeps you mentally and physically alert to take on the packages and surprises of each day.

Exercise increases the production of endorphin chemicals which makes you feel happy.

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3. Eat Right


Your problem may actually be food. Perhaps you have been eating the wrong kinds of foods. Say you’re heavy on processed foods with low fruits and vegetable intake. Chances are that the awful results will tell on your entire health and well-being. Remember… You are what you eat.

Your daily diet should be planned around the nature of your work.

4. Be Open About Your State of Mind

Definitely, you need to be open about what is happening to you and not suffer in silence. Help might just be by the corner if you share your thoughts and burdens with the right persons.

We all could do with support from family and informal circles. Let them know about your waned interest at work and see what advise they have for you instead of going naughts and heading towards a crash.

In the work zone, talk to the boss or HR personal especially if the bulk of the problem is work-related. You will be surprised to know that you are not alone in the first place. Your report and suggestions may be for the good of the entire staff.

5. Educate Yourself On Stress


Being Knowledgeable on stress and how it affects you will help you know how to go about it.

Chronic stress can lead to low concentration, cardiovascular diseases, anxiety and body aches. It’s safe to know when these symptoms set in and what you can do to improve your health.

6. Take Some Time To Do The Things You Love

If you are a music lover like me, make sure you listen to your favorite songs everyday. Sing aloud if you want to as long as it is not in the work area. You could see that movie or sitcom after working hours. Visit friends when you can. You could agree on date nights and outdoor activities in your leisure. This could help you unwind.

7. A Couple Of Chats With That Special Someone

If you get choked at work please feel free to briefly call or chat up your best friend, your mum, anyone who can make you laugh and encourage you to work on with a smiling face. Just don’t take the whole day, you could get fired.

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8. Have A Positive Attitude


Every job requires a sort of discipline to get it done. Discipline is not always sweet but efficient. So look at the bright side of it and give it your best in hopes that the result will be worth it.

9. Set Realistic Goals For Each Day

Honesty is the best policy. This is where you have to admit that you’re not perfect. Don’t take on extra jobs if it will be neck-breaking for you. Know your honest limits and work with it.

10. Respect Your Private Time

Work time is for work. Outside that learn to have your private time. It is wise not to let work infiltrate into your personal time. You know what they say All work and know play, makes jack a dull boy.