Interesting Reasons You Should Choose Cell C Fibre and Their Mouth-Watering Deals

Cell C is one of the most popular mobile service operators in South Africa which has, through the years, touted itself as the customer-first operator in the country. Since it began operation in 2001, the company has introduced many products and services for both voice and data contracts. One of its most interesting services is the Cell C Fibre which offers a broad range of internet services through its different enticing deals. This service relies on the next-generation broadband technology which delivers speed that cannot be rivalled as well as flexibility, stability, and reliability among other things.

Cell C has partnered with various Fibre Network Operators including Open Serve, Vuma, Frogfoot, and Fibresuburb networks among others in its bid to provide the best of internet connectivity. With so many other internet service providers (ISPs) in a domain that is quite competitive with big names like Axxess, Afrihost, and MWEB, Cell C still manages to deliver good fibre connection.

Some Amazing Edges Cell C Fibre Has Over Others

– It delivers probably the fastest internet speed

As far as speed is concerned, you will hardly get any other that will outshine Cell C, being the first Internet Service Provider to hit a speed of 1GBps starting from 10MBps. While it is most difficult for one to achieve what has been advertised by the different operators, you will still come close to it. This essentially means that it is still extremely fast.

What makes it even more interesting is that the next-generation broadband technology is also reliable and stable. The speed that you get with this fibre connection goes well above what legacy ADSL or 3G services have to offer.

– There is a promise of consistency in speed

If you are a heavy data consumer or one who has so much doing on the internet, you must have realized that depending on what you are doing, there are times that the speed slopes a little before picking up again. Because of the unshaped connectivity, you get with Cell C Fibre, the speed that is delivered for sending emails or reading news on the internet, is also the same that you get when you are streaming your favourite show, listening to music or playing PS4.

Another important thing to know is that the speed of your connection is not determined by your distance from the local exchange. Cell C also promises that things such as the weather have no effect on the quality of service.

– Cell C Fibre data is uncapped

Unlike most other data that you purchase which all have a limit allocation, this is truly unlimited as it is uncapped. What this means is that once you are still within your validity period, you do not have to worry about running out of data because as it is promised, the data cannot be exhausted.

With the most other regular data, you are not only given a limit but at a point when your data is running out, the speed of your connection is automatically reduced. That is not applied here as you do not only get data that cannot run out no matter how you decide to use it, but also one that will not be slowed down as a result of usage; it is unthrottled.

– It comes with free router and setup

When you order for the Cell C Fibre, it comes along with a free router, and at the same time, you do not get to pay for the setup. In addition to that, most providers may also decide to give you free installation.

Cell C Fibre Has A Broad Range Of Packages

Cell C Fibre
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As previously stated, Cell C has partnered with a number of Fibre Network Operators to provide its fibre connectivity to users. Worthy of note is the fact that all the packages offer uncapped data and their free router. Here are its different packages:

Waterfall Access Networks

If what you are looking for is extravagant plans, this package may just be what you should go for. It has 7 plans that cost between R599 for the lowest plan on the rank which promises data a speed of 10Mbps/10Mbps for both downloads and uploads, and R1899 for the highest plan which promises a massive 1GBps/1GBps for both downloads and uploads.


  • It delivers many plans for people who may need different options. More so, it has very fast options with the 1GBps/1GBps speed for both uploads and downloads.


  • The main issue with this is that customers will have to pay the installation fee directly with the Fibre Network Operator.

Cell C- Octotel

This package comes with five different plans. At the bottom of the plan is the R729 subscription which delivers a download and upload speed of 15MBps on either side respectively. On the other end of the package is the R1899PM plan that has a download/upload speed of 1Gbps/25Mbps.


  • It is one of the few that take you up to 1Gbps/25Mbps download/upload speed.


  • Not the cheapest in the lot.

Cell C- Vumatel

What makes this package very interesting is the range of plans it has available. Its plans start with the R829PM package that has a download/upload speed of 10Mbps/10Mbps while its highest plan is the R1499 package that has a download/upload speed of 1Gbps/100Mbps.


  • Up to 7 different plans and the faster plans are quite cheap.


  • The plans that are on the slower side are quite expensive,


With only five plans available, Metro doesn’t have so much in stock. The package here starts from the 10Mbps/10Mbps download/upload speed at R719 and stretches to its highest plan which promises a download/upload speed of 200MBps/200MBps at R1499.


  • In general, it is rather on the side of affordability when compared to others on the list.


  • Only five options available

Cell C- Openserve / Telkom

The difference between this and the MetroFibre is very little as it also has only five plans with the lowest in rank costing R719 and offering 10Mbps/10Mbps download/upload speed while the highest plan is 200MBps/100MBps speed at R2029.


  • If for nothing else, it has more plans, five, than others that only have four.


  • This is not the most friendly in terms of cost.


The Cell-C ISP also makes use of FrogFoot network which is also a package that is rather interesting because of the 7 different plans it has to offer. Its lowest and cheapest plan is the 10Mbps/10Mbps download/upload speed plan which costs R859 while at the other end of the plan is the 1Gbps/100Mbps download/upload plan which costs R1979.


  • Excellent for someone looking for different available options as it has 7 different plans.


  • For its download/download speed, what you get is 1Gbps/100Mbps, even though there are others that deliver 1Gbps/1GBps for a cheaper fee.

Cell C- Link Africa

Link Africa has only five plans on its package, even though they still happen to be rather fascinating. On the lowest part of its plans is the R659 plan which has a download/upload speed of 10Mbps/10Mbps while on the topmost part is the R1199 plan that delivers a speed of 200Mbps/200Mbps for download/upload.


  • What link Africa has over most others is that it is more affordable than a number of others on the list.


  • Only five plans on the package with a maximum of 200MBps download/upload speed.

Cell C- Mitsol

As far as the number of plans in a package is concerned, this is the one that lags behind, offering only four plans that run from 10Mbps/10Mbps to 100Mbps/100Mbps for download/upload speed at the lowest and highest points respectively. For the lowest plan, you get to pay R749 while for the highest, it costs R999.


  • Its highest plan of 100Mbps/100Mbps upload and download speed is cheaper than what others offer.


  • It doesn’t have more than 4 plans for those looking for variety in terms of speed.

Link Layer

This network seems to be a mirror of the Link Africa package, but for a little difference in prices. The highest of the five plans here delivers download/upload speed of 200Mbps/200Mbps at R1299 while on the other side of the plan is the 10Mbps/10Mbps  download/upload speed at R729.


  • The 5 plans delivered by the package is fair enough since you get up to 200MBps download and upload speed at the maximum.


  • Not best if you want to get a speed of up to 1GBps.


Netstream is yet another that only has 4 plans in its package. At the top of the tier is the R1249 plan which offers only 200Mbps/200Mbps download/upload speed while at the lowest end, you get download/upload speed of 15Mbps/15Mbps at R749.


  • The lowest plan of this package is still faster than many others as instead of 10MBps, it gives 15MBps


  • Only 4 available plans.

Cell C Purple Forest

The purple forest is still one of the packages that only have four plans. The first of its plans has a download/upload speeds of 10Mbps/10Mbps at R599 and on the other side, the downloads/upload speeds are 100MBps/100MBps at R1199.


  • It has one of the cheapest plans if you want a  10MBps upload and download speed.


  • The available plans are limited to only four.

Edge Telecoms

Edge is quite popular, but it is not the one for people who need the download speed and uploads to be above 100MBps. The package only gives four plans; an R799 plan, R899, R1099, and R1299 plan. While the lowest on the mark delivers upload and download speed of 10MBps on either side, at the top, you get upload and download speed of 100MBps on either side.


  • The 10GBps download and upload speed if fairly affordable.


  • One can get a faster connection for the price it offers of 100MBps speed connection.

How To Check If You Have The Cell C Fibre Coverage

Cell C Fibre

While it comes with many benefits, Fibre connectivity is still limited to some areas. Hence, before you can go ahead to select a deal, it is important to carry out a test to determine if it will work in your area. To do that, simply follow the steps below:

  • Visit Cell C’s provided checker via this link
  • Provide your address in the “Check your coverage availability” field
  • Click on Check Coverage
  • If your area is still not covered, you will be notified and if it is, you will get a congratulatory note, informing you that it is available.
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