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Kiswahili, one of the official languages of Kenya, is gaining popularity in Africa, but it would seem that some of the country’s population is neglecting the language or at least is neglecting to teach it as part of school curricula.

International schools in Kenya which include both British and American schools operate with their own curricula and that often does not include teaching Kiswahili or Kenyan history.

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Now, however, Kenya’s Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matinag’i has said that all international schools must start teaching Kenyan history and Kiswahili, one of the official languages as part of their curricula.

The International schools are popular choices for Kenya’s middle-class families and so they teach a lot of young Kenyans. Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i was speaking while unveiling a report on Bridge International Academies and he added that the institutions have until April next year to comply.

Kenyan history

The Education Cabinet Secretary also directed the Teachers Service Commission to vet teachers of the international schools so that the quality of education offered is not compromised.

He said;

“Teachers who come to international schools are supposed to come to the Ministry first, we do their reviews and the credentials they have. Then the TSC registers them according to the standards they have; if they are coming to offer the British National Curriculum, for example, TSC has systems of confirming that those people have the qualifications to teach the British National Curriculum or whatever international curriculum they have come to offer.”

Matiang’i insisted that successful education can only be founded on policy, effective management and execution structure.

To that end, he noted that effective management and execution of the educational policies and programs at school level suffer when individuals work without collaborating with each other.

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With these new policy changes, Matiang’i is furthering his reputation as the overseer of ongoing curriculum reforms in the country which aim to improve the educational system.