Any Nigerian Is Free To Leave The Country – IPOB Reacts To Buhari’s Statement

In reaction to Buhari’s “leave the country” comment, the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) released an official statement signed by its spokespersons Mr. Emma Nmezu, a lawyer, and Dr. Clifford Iroanya.

During the meeting with the Niger Delta leaders on Tuesday, the president  was quoted to say that any Nigerian who has another country to go to should feel free to leave.

“If anybody has a country to go to, let him go, we will stay here and salvage our country.”

The statement reminded the president that the call for any Nigerian to leave the country is most welcome but nonetheless harbors “evil agenda”.

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First of, they welcomed the fact that the president most probably sees that the disintegration of Nigeria is somewhat eminent.

In 2015, it was reported that pro-Biafra groups were in talks with the United Nations to make this dream come to pass.

With the gruesome massacre of pro-Biafran protesters and the south-east people of Nigeria since the inception of Buhari’s administration, the groups have beckoned on the UN once again to intervene and divide Nigeria into 6 republics. That way there could be relative sanity in the country.

The group proposed that Nigeria be broken into 6 independent regions:

  • South East (Biafra)
  • South South (Niger Delta)
  • North East
  • North West
  • South West (Oduduwa) and
  • North- Central.

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The group reminded the President that the hidden plot to have Niger Delta excluded from Biafra is glaring. However the group says that the call to be independent has gone beyond oil wealth.

“Successive governments of Nigeria have continued to deceive the gullible public that the reason we IPOB are agitating for Biafra is because of oil in the Niger Delta region…”

“Sadly many people are still ignorant of the fact that active oil and gas extraction is happening today in Anambra, Imo, Abia and Igbo parts of Rivers State.”

IPOB also added:

“We the Indigenous People of Biafra believe that the greatest natural resource a people can be endowed with is their brain not what is under the ground.”