Huffington Post Sniffs Out Ironic Facts From Queen Elizabeth’s speech

In an article titled ‘Woman In £1,000,000 Hat Tells Britain To Live Within Its Means’, Huffington Post ridiculed the call for the people to live within their means as advocated by Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth’s speech is expected to throw light on the plans of the British government within the just opened  parliamentary year.

As a logical concern stemming from the global economic instability, the queen’s suggestion is not exactly out of place. However, the UK based media agency spotted out ironical facts that might present the royal plea with a pinch of hypocrisy.

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According to the post, the Queen rendered the speech resplendently dressed in royal accessories and ornaments that are worth millions of pounds.

The article picked on her crown which is estimated to a value of £1, 000, 000. The writer also made sure to mention that the royal hat in question “is encrusted with five rubies, 11 emeralds, 17 sapphires, 273 pearls and 2,868 diamonds.”


Queen Elizabeth's Speech

In a purely hilarious manner the article says “she (Queen Elizabeth II) then left Parliament and returned to her £1 billion house.” While her crown followed “in its own horse-drawn carriage”.

The Queen’s majestic abode has 775 rooms, 19 State rooms, 52 Royal and guest bedrooms, 188 staff bedrooms, 92 offices and 78 bathrooms. The palace also has a cinema, swimming pool, a post office and an extra 40 acres of land.

Isn’t it funny that “during these times of austerity” her majesty who was impeccably dressed in ornaments that cost an arm and a leg was directly “addressing a room full of millionaires”?

The preparation of Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday is estimated by a survey to cost about £1 billion and more. The celebration is in 2 folds. One for her actual birthday in April and the other for official recognition in June.

An estimation of the cost of the queen in 2013/14 summed up to about £35.7 million. When divided by the British population, it was found that it would amount to 56 pence per person. That also meant 1 penny per person in one week. Based on this, the Queen was not found to be ravaging the people’s pockets.

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For the Queen’s street party scheduled later in June, corporate sponsors and official partners, such as Boots, BT, Pimms, M&S and Unilever are working to subsidize the costs.

The party is planned for about 1, 000 lucky people; and 9, 000 others from about 600 charities whom she is a patron. The tickets will cost £150 per person. The Lunch party will raise £1.5 million for these charities.

Perhaps Queen Elizabeth II meant it when she says the people should live within their means.