Irreverence: Kim Kardashian Sparks Outrage With Virgin Mary Emoji

Virgin Mary Kimoji– Kim Kardashian just recently displayed a kimoji which ridiculed the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary and social media users are not smiling about it.

If it’s for fun or the attention, Kim Kardashian did it in serious bad taste.

Imagine what would have happened by now if she played around with an Islamic image no matter how infinitesimal? Of course she wouldn’t dare.

But somehow, for some reason which looks more like an attention seeking attempt, the American reality TV with no detectable talent decides to make an emoji with a sacred image that Catholics hold dear.

As celebrities, there is this pressure to stay relevant. As long as you are building on your God-given talent and brand, by all means, stay relevant.

Kim’s latest transformation on social media is not just petty but insulting to the entire Catholic faith.

This Virgin Mary Kimoji would be the lowest stunt the star has played to get noticed.

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From sex tapes, to nude pictures and now to a Virgin Mary Kimoji; like a social media user posted is “despicable and distasteful”.

According to US Magazine, the candle emoji is for sale and retails for $18 on her emoji website

“The 36-year-old reality star advertised a spontaneous drop in honor of pot-centric 4/20, also known as “Weed Day,” on her social media channels, and the candle was displayed front-and-center on her website, wedged between a $35 “ass tray” ash tray and a $12 pair of “fire weed” socks.”

Going down memory lane, it appears the star has a weird way of staying famous with the most absurd and questionable events.

What is really embarrassing is that the star is supposedly a Christian who had to go as far as baptizing North West, her son in Jordan.

All of that as obvious was no religious or spiritually inspired act but for the media… staying relevant.

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Many of her fans who are not even Christians or religious have condemned the step by the reality star.

A social media user wrote:

“This is a disgrace you’re trying to make money from our faith. No you aren’t a virgin no Kanye [West] is not a God. Are you trying to start your own religion . 100% disrespect (sic).”


In the heat of the criticism, Kim Kardashian stepped out in a little black tight dress with the image of the Virgin Mary on her chest. Now everybody is asking, what’s the idea?

Kim will not be the only one who has messed around with a sacred image. It appears Khourtney in February shared a video via Snapchat showing the portrait of a woman hanging on the cross like Jesus.

The woman in the image was later identified as Raquel Welch.

Hours before the kimoji shock, singer Katy Perry was slammed for uploading a disrespectful image of Kali, a Hindu goddess on Instagram.

Sometime in the past, a group of Beyonce fans replaced the popular face of the Sacred Heart of Jesus image with Beyonce’s face.

The Christian community has never ceased to condemn blasphemous acts like this.