Is Alison Victoria Still Married? Who Is Her Husband?

Alison Victoria is presently unmarried as she recently parted ways with her husband, Luke Harding, whom she was married to for close to a decade. The media personality and interior designer married Luke Harding in the year 2013, and they ended their marriage amicably in the year 2022. 

The savvy businesswoman, who was born on October 31, 1981, in Chicago, Illinois, in the United States of America, has been linked with several men since her divorce, but she has not confirmed if any of these men are her partner or prospective ones.

She has chosen to remain tightlipped about her relationship, Moreover, despite being married to her ex-husband for close to a decade, Alison has no biological child of her own yet, which wasn’t due to a lack of trying on their part. From all indications, Alison has not given up on love and even having her own children in the future.

Was Alison Victoria Ever Married?

Alison Victoria was married to her heartthrob, Luke Harding for almost a decade. Alison Victoria and Luke Harding met via an online dating platform,, sometime in the early 2010s, and after exchanging contact details, they continued to communicate offline, till they decided to meet face-to-face a week after. They must have made quite an impression on each other after meeting up, as they continued getting closer, till it became a full-on relationship.

In 2011, the pair of Alison and Luke made their relationship official and would continue to nurture their relationship as time went on. Things were going on very smoothly between the two love birds to the extent that Alison Victoria was said to have bought a home very close to Luke Harding’s house, just to be able to spend more time together. Both Alison and Luke had very busy schedules, but they always spent their free time together, going on trips and vacations together.

In 2013, Luke Harding and Alison Victoria planned a getaway to France where she did not know that he had something else planned for her. During their visit to France, he took her to the Eiffel Tower and proposed to her under the shimmering lights of the tower. To further show her how much she meant to him, he arranged a midnight picnic for them in the French Room (which is normally a ballroom) of The Drake Hotel, where they gazed into each other’s eyes, and whispered sweet words into their ears.

In the same year, Alison Victoria and Luke Harding got married in a very private wing of The French Room at The Drake Hotel, where they only had family members and very close friends in attendance. No paparazzi were allowed at the wedding ceremony, nor was it a very elaborate affair that was the talk of the town for several months. They preferred a classy event attended only by those close and dear to them, where they exchanged their marital vows.

Who was Alison Victoria’s Husband?

Alison Victoria’s husband, Luke Harding, is a businessman who was in charge of an Insurance agency and was not relatively known till he got married to his media celebrity wife, Alison Victoria. Some postulated that Luke must have been very good at what he does and must have been very successful because he gave her a wedding ring that was not only classy and timeless but one that must have set him back financially a lot.

In terms of his education and career, Luke Hardings graduated from Illinois Wesleyan University before he joined the State Farm Insurance Company, where he has been for several years now.

According to him, his career at State Farm began as a lifeguard. Since then, he has worked in different states and worked various portfolios for the company, which has been both satisfying and a learning experience. He worked with the State Farm’s National Catastrophe team in New Orleans, Louisiana, where they helped their policyholders recover from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. The experience was life-changing for him, and he became inspired to become a State Farm Agent.

By April 2008, he had opened his own State Farm agency in Logan Square/Avondale, Chicago, Illinois. Despite the dynamic nature of the city, his firm has remained committed to serving policyholders. Clients who have worked with him describe Luke as an honest, kind, and trustworthy person.  Generally, he provides auto insurance for vehicles and offers car rental and other insurance services.

After his divorce from Alison, he has chosen to retreat and live a quiet and undisturbed life away from the media. He seems to be doing very well and focused on his career for now.

Is Alison Victoria Still Married To Luke Harding?

Alison Victoria is currently not married to Luke Harding, who was her former husband, and the circumstances surrounding how they parted ways still leave their fans puzzled and confused to this day. When Alison and Luke got married in 2013, many people thought that they were the ideal couple and the living definition of what true love should really be like.

Things went on well between the couple for several years during their marriage, and there was no evidence to show that the couple was having any issues in their marriage at all. There were no controversies in their marriage, and neither did one accuse the other of infidelity or abuse of any kind.

The couple did try to have children while they were married, and it is not clear if there was any issue between them on that. Alison went as far as trying to freeze her eggs so she could have children later on when she was ready for it. The couple was also said to have explored In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) in their quest to get pregnant, but unfortunately, that did not work out well for them.

Rumors also began making the rounds that perhaps Alison Victoria was cheating on her husband because she was seen posting pictures with other men around the late 2010s while still married to her husband, but no one really got to the root of this matter or got any confirmation or denial from her. To date, no one can really tell what led to the couple’s divorce, as the only information available out there are only rumors and postulations.

When was Alison Victoria’s Divorce?

People just began noticing by the tail end or early 2020s that they were seeing less and less of the couple together, and by early 2022 all the pictures of the couple taken over the years were gone.

By April 2022, rumors began making the rounds that Alison Victoria and Luke Harding were divorced, and efforts to get confirmation from both parties proved abortive as neither of them admitted the rumors or denied it.

At first, people did not believe that Alison Victoria and Luke Harding were divorced, especially since neither of them made a public announcement to that effect, but as signs began supporting their separation, folks concluded that they were indeed divorced and had parted ways finally.

Does Alison Victoria Have a Child?

To the best of our knowledge, the marriage between Alison Victoria and Luke Harding did not produce any biological children at all, and neither did she have any child out of wedlock. It is on record that they did try all they could to have children, but it just did not work out for them. Alison revealed that she tried to freeze her eggs and had IVF to aid her conception chances.

Some reports have it, however, that Alison Victoria has a daughter, but it seems that those who published this report did so in error. They make reference to a picture that she shared via her Instagram handle, where she was seen standing next to a little girl that held her hand.

Some people concluded that that little girl was her daughter, who she had decided to hide away from the public for several years, but the little girl was just her niece, who she decided to take a picture with. Some have also confused her godson for her child, which is totally not the case.

Does Alison Victoria Have a Boyfriend or Partner Now?

Alison Victoria has been seen with a few men before and after her divorce from her ex-husband, Luke Harding, and it was actually the posting of these pictures that confirmed for many that she was truly separated from her ex-husband. Some of the men she has been seen with lately include –

Donovan Eckhardt

Alison Victoria has referred to Donovan Eckhardt as her television husband so many times that a few people actually began to believe that there was probably something going on between the two of them. The fact that the two of them spend a lot of time together also further fueled the rumors making the rounds about them. However, it turned out that they were both business partners and that there was nothing happening romantically between them.

Michael Marks

Online Sleuths have it that Michael Marks can be regarded as Alison Victoria’s long-term boyfriend, even when she was married to her ex-husband, Luke Harding. Michael Marks is an American professional chef, and they have always been in each other’s company for a very long time now.

There are quite a few pictures of both of them online, which has got the rumor mills busy with all types of assumptions. In 2020, during an interview Alison Victoria had with People Magazine, she stated that Michael Marks and her family were the ones that helped her to stay positive and optimistic about life and business when she was having her challenges and eventual court issues with her former business partner, Donovan Eckhardt. This statement got folks talking and asking why she did not mention her husband’s name during this interview, as they were both still married then.

Kenneth Wayne Johnson

The relationship between Alison Victoria and Kenneth Wayne Johnson was brought to the limelight when she posted a picture of them taken at an Inn in Langley. She was seen posing side by side with Kenneth in the picture, their cheeks touching each other with her arms across his shoulder, and she wrote the caption – Happiest Birthdate Anniversary Kenneth Wayne Johnson. I love living life with you in it. Xx.

The picture and caption got people talking that there must be a romantic link between them, as the caption seems to suggest so. After much talk from folks, she was not seen posing with him again. Some other folks suggest that she is just friends with Kenneth, and there may not be any romantic connection between them at all.

Alison Victoria and Donovan Eckhardt’s Relationship

Alison Victoria and Donovan Eckhardt were former business partners who met when she was still working on the DIY Network’s Kitchen Crashers. Donovan Eckhardt appeared on three episodes of the show, and he realized that he shared a lot of mutual friends with Alison, and they themselves became friends from then on.

Donovan and Alison were out one night to watch the Blackhawk’s game, and while they were there, they began discussing an idea to buy very old buildings in Chicago, redesign and rebuild them, then sell them off for a tidy margin on a new television show. They put together a pitch and ran it by producers of HGTV, who really loved their pitch, and they conceptualized and began a new television show that came to be known as Windy City Rehab.

Their plan for Windy City Rehab was that Alison Victoria would be solely responsible for the design of the buildings, while Donovan Eckhardt would be responsible for the construction as well as for handling their finances. Things began very well for the new business partners, but tensions soon began developing in their business relationship until things broke down between them.

Alison Victoria Ended Her Business Relationship With Donovan Eckhardt

After the launch of Windy City Rehab and a few successful building flips, the business soon began receiving several stop work orders from their clients, and profit margins began to nose dive. After a few clients instituted legal proceedings against Alison Victoria and Donovan Eckhardt, she decided to hire someone who did an independent audit of their business. The findings of the audit showed that Eckhardt had been allocating funds from their joint business to his own private company, even for projects on which stop-work orders subsisted.

Alison filed a lawsuit against her former business partner, Donovan, which eventually spilled over onto their show – Windy City Rehab and all the legal battles were aired on air. She stated later that the primary reason why she filed the lawsuit against Donovan was to defend her reputation and to clear her name, and not necessarily to recover all the funds that he had misappropriated from their business over the years.

At this point in time, the relationship had broken down irrecoverably between Alison and Donovan, and they were no longer communicating directly but through the legal teams only. As a consequence of the lawsuit and some of the revelations that unfolded thereafter, Donovan Eckhardt’s licenses as a property developer and general contractor were suspended by the city.

Donovan also filed a countersuit against Alison for defaming him and seeking to ruin his reputation, and they had their day in court to resolve their differences. The fallout between these two former business partners is currently threatening the continuity of Windy City Rehab, with word going around the grapevine that the show may soon come to an end.

Alison has definitely suffered incredibly from the fallout with her former business partner, who she also considered a friend, and she stated that there were so many days during that trial that she did not even want to get out of bed at all. She estimates that she has spent about $ 700,000 of her own personal funds to complete projects that were abandoned due to Donovan’s mishandling of their finances.

What is Alison Victoria Doing Now?

As a result of the breakdown in the business relationship between Alison Victoria and Donovan Eckhardt, and the consequent effect it had on their television show, Windy City Rehab, and the financial drain on her personal finances, Alison has not yet made up her mind on what she intends to do going forward.

The Windy City Rehab show is currently airing its third season on the HGTV network, but the future of the show is currently unknown. There are rumors that as a result of the damage done to the trust between Alison and their former clients, her reputation has suffered a lot, and she might be thinking of pulling the plugs on the show and moving on to something else.

The fact that Alison has also been selling some of her personal properties – particularly her home in Chicago, to cover some of their indebtedness has also raised the question of whether she even would continue to stay in her beloved city, Chicago. Some are saying that she has already gotten another property in Atlanta or California and may be moving over there very soon.

One thing that we are sure of is that after season 3 of The Windy City Rehab finishes airing, the next steps that Alison Victoria decides to take would become clearer, and her next moves would be revealed. It is worth noting that Alison is a very strong woman and a go-getter who has gotten to where she is today by sheer hard work and her incredible capacity to spot opportunities and strategize effectively to achieve her goals. She may even decide to stay in Chicago and break new ground.

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