How Anthony Padilla Built His Success on YouTube & Comedy and The Gist On His Relationships

Famed for co-founding the sketch comedy YouTube channel known as Smosh, Anthony Padilla, alongside his partner Ian Hecox, remains one of America’s most successful YouTubers. With a subscriber base of over 25 million, Smosh is considered one of the most popular channels on YouTube today. More so, the channel garners over 6 billion views on their hilarious video contents. However, Anthony left Smosh in 2017 and began running his own YouTube channel which has since gained over 4 million subscribers so far.

Unlike what he did when he was with Smosh, Padilla has created a niche on YouTube with the interviews he conducts. He has also used this newfound platform to help many people who have been stereotyped for either their personalities, what they do, or have been through. His journey through the career path he chose is an interesting one and we have all the details here.

Anthony Padilla Was A Bedridden Teenager When He Started His  Online Career

Anthony Padilla was born Daniel Anthony Padilla in Sacramento, California, on September 16, 1987. He and his 2 brothers were raised in Sacramento where Padilla spent most of his childhood. However, the young boy met troubled times after the divorce of his parents back in 1989 when he was only 2 years old. As he recounts, he was an unplanned birth and didn’t get to enjoy so much parental care like other kids. Besides, his mother was severely agoraphobic. This meant she remained indoors most of the time.

It is also known that Anthony had to joggle going to school at Del Campo High School in Fair Oaks, California, alongside taking care of his aged grandmother at age 12 – she died about 2 years later. More so, by the time Padilla turned 15, he was diagnosed with Henoch Schonlein Purpura (HSP), a condition that kept him away from school and rendered him bed-bound. It was within that time that he began learning to code and with the help of his friend Ian Hecox, they figured out a way to keep in touch with friends without necessarily being present physically – they dubbed the website, Smosh.

The Comedian Achieved Tremendous Success With Smosh

The website got so popular it began to draw folks outside his circle of friends and receiving over 30k visits, it didn’t take long before the site crashed. This happened after they uploaded a video on ‘’ featuring him and his best friend lip-syncing to the Power Rangers song. The video spread real quick and got people posting its link on various MySpace accounts. After that, they went on to open a YouTube channel with the same name, Smosh in 2005 and began uploading their content on their newly opened YouTube channel.

During those early years, Padilla and Hecox uploaded a video titled, Pokémon Theme Music Video, which was released on the 28th of November, 2005. Within a short while, the clip got more than 24 million views, making it the most-watched video on YouTube at the time. The massive success of the Pokémon video alongside other videos the duo released earned them the title, “Person of the Year: You”  of the Time Magazine December 2006 edition, as well as on Anthony and Ian were also known to have partnered with Google to create ‘iShut Up App’ in 2010 and the next year, they sold 40% of their holdings in Smosh to Alloy Digital which is now known as Defy Media.

Over the years, they continued to diversify into making different types of clips, as well as animations. They even went on to create more YouTube channels, including a Spanish channel called ElSmosh. More so, a Smosh France channel has been added to the long list of channels they run. Anthony and Ian have also gone on to record great strides with Smosh Games and the airing of the web sitcom, Part Timers in 2016.

The Transition From Smosh To Being An Independent Content Creator

After so much success on Smosh, Anthony Padilla announced his exit from the enterprise on June 14, 2017. According to him, the acquisition of Smosh by the Alloy Digital (now Defy Media), makes it difficult to execute all of his creative decisions. On April Fool’s day of 2018, he uploaded the video “The Real Reason Why I Left Smosh”.

Following Padilla’s departure, the channel continued to thrive but wasn’t immune to some shocks either. Within 9 months of his departure, Smosh dropped 14th places from the 8th most subscribed YouTube channel. Views also dropped as well but recent records show a gradual comeback; with increasing subscribers and views. Nevertheless, several fans still miss his unique touch and want Padilla back on Smosh.

On his own part, Anthony runs a self-named YouTube channel which has garnered more than 4 million views as of 2020. Although he started posting clips on his new channel just like what he did on Smosh, Anthony found a niche in conducting interviews with people which he posts on his channel. He called his new YouTube series, I Spent My Day With… and so far, he has interviewed the members of KIDZ BOP stars, sugar babies, professional cosplayers, nudists, ex-cult members, witches, professional cuddlers, and COVID19 victims. According to the YouTuber, he is using this platform to reach out to people who have been stereotyped in society with the aim of making people less judgmental towards them.

The YouTuber Is Not Doing Bad Financially

The American YouTube star and comedian as of now has accumulated an estimated $3 million as net worth.  A good chunk of this money had been accrued since his days with Smosh as their channel had garnered millions of subscribers and billions of views. They are also known to have diversified into several areas that contributed to Padilla’s wealth. The release of the 2010 comedy music album, Sexy Album, as well as If Music Were Real which was released in 2011 are some of the productions under Smosh. Anthony is also known to have served in the capacity of producer for a good number of the channel’s videos at the time, including the web series, Part Timers, and Smosh Babies.

It was also gathered that at the time he was still with Smosh, the channel raked in about $7million to $10million as its yearly earnings. This ranked both Anthony and Ian among the highest-earning YouTubers. More so, the success he has recorded as an independent content creator has contributed to his $3million net worth, although the actual amount he earns yearly is yet to be ascertained.

Anthony Padilla Was In A Relationship With Fellow YouTuber, Kalel Cullen

As far as specifics go, Anthony Padilla was in a relationship with YouTuber, Kalel Cullen. She was known for KalelCullenTV where she posts advice and opinions, as well as the channel, QueenBeeuty where she posts beauty videos. During her time with Padilla, the pair also created a YouTube channel titled, WatchUsLiveandStuff which became quite successful, amassing about 500,000 subscribers a month after it was launched. However, after their split, she rebranded it into her personal account, deleting all the videos they had made together and changed the name of the channel to Kalel.

With regards to their relationship, it is known that it started sometime in October 2010 and the pair are said to have kick things off at a party they attended sometime that year. Over the next couple of years, they became quite close to the extent that they lived in the same house in Los Angeles, California, with 3 lovely cats, Kabuki, Mogwai, and Pip. The relationship was also headed for the altar as Anthony had proposed to Kalel when they went to Japan on vacation and even made a vlog of the proposal which he captioned, A Romantic Day in Japan.

However, the lovebirds decided to part ways towards the end of 2014. They released a video titled, Going Our Separate Ways on the 4th of December 2014 to confirm this fact and stated that it was a mutual decision they reached to end their relationship. When Kalel left, she took 2 of the cats with her, Kabuki and Mogwai (who she now calls Chibi).

He Made A Controversial Video About The Reason For His Split From Kalel Cullen

About 2 years after Anthony and Kalel came out to officially make a video announcing their breakup in December 2014, the pair engaged in an online battle. The whole incident started on 21st April 2016 when Kalel took to Twitter to write that a person she loved for 4 years just unfollowed her and went ahead to refer to the person as a ‘bitch’. She even revealed that the person was male whom she called ‘salty’. Well, there is definitely no secret online, so, it was obvious she was referring to Anthony Padilla who unfollowed her on Twitter within that period.

After a couple of months on, 7th October 2016, Padilla retaliated by uploading a video he tagged, DRAW MY LIFE – Anthony Padilla. In the video, Anthony began by narrating his experience in a bad relationship he had when he relocated to Los Angeles. He called it ‘manipulative’ as he felt his partner was taking advantage of him. He even went on to reveal that it took a toll on his self-esteem as he felt very low at that point seeking the approval of his girlfriend before doing anything. Although he did not outrightly say the name of the person he was with at that time, it was obvious he was referring to Kalel as the pair were an item at the time he moved to Los Angeles.

Kalel Cullen did not let things slide just like that as she took to Twitter to respond to Anthony’s video. She went the extra mile to write down details of their relationship in a word document she screenshot and posted online. Kalel also replied to people on Twitter who inquired whether the person she called ‘bitch’ in her tweets back in April was Anthony and she confirmed the many speculations that her tweets were actually referring to him.

She also came online later to ask Anthony to revoke the false claims he made in his video. Kalel accepted the fact that she was not an easy person to be in a relationship with but she did not manipulate Anthony in any way. Rather, it was his decision to stay with her that long as she wanted to end their relationship on several occasions prior to their split in 2014. Kalel added that she was happy for him and they should move on with their lives. This seems to have worked as the pair did not pursue the online battle again and as of now, the gist has fizzled out online.

His Next Girlfriend Was American Comedian Miel Bredouw

The YouTuber moved on and began dating Miel Bredouw, a relationship he was into at the time he had the controversy with Kalel in 2016. The YouTuber and his new beau have been an item for a long time now as he began dating Miel in May 2015. This time, it is known that he is keeping things really low key than he did with Kalel. However, that does not mean he won’t let the public have a peek into his love life with Bredouw as he made his relationship with her official on YouTube in September 2017. They have also kept things pretty simple until they eventually called it quits in September 2019.

On her own part, Bredouw is a budding star who is exploring numerous areas in the entertainment industry, from being a musician to podcasting and comedy. She started her pursuits back in 2014 by posting videos on Vine using Mielmonster as her username. When Vine shut down, she moved on to YouTube where she is a rising talent. Miel’s YouTube videos generally feature her singing covers of songs and she is gradually becoming very popular on the platform. As of now, she boasts of having over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube likewise thousands of followers on Instagram.

Anthony Padilla Is Currently Dating Internet Sensation Mykie

A couple of months after his split from Miel, fans of the YouTuber were already spreading rumors of him being in a relationship with fellow YouTube star, Mykie. The pair eventually came out to announce their relationship on the 13th of December 2019. They took to Instagram to share a gorgeous picture which they captioned with very heartwarming words expressing their newfound love.

As of now, Anthony Padilla and Mykie are rated among the hottest YouTube celebrity hookups. Mykie, who runs her own YouTube channel called Glama and Gore, has more than 4 million subscribers. She has also gone on to accumulate more than 2 million followers on Instagram where she posts beautiful pics of herself and recently, she has been flooding her page with pictures of her times with Anthony.

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