Is Cindy Mahlangu Related to eTV Scandal Co-star Sandile Mahlangu or Are They a Real Couple?

Cindy Mahlangu and Sandile Mahlangu are not related biologically neither are they a couple in real life, however, they are good friends.

You can’t count the most-watched soap operas in South Africa and ignore Scandal! Formerly known as The Voice, the South African soap opera was originally released in September 2008. As such, it is also counted amongst the longest-running soapies in the country.

Given that, it is only natural that the show has served as a platform through which multiple Mzansi actors came to be known in the entertainment industry. It has had people like Clint Brink, Lorcia Cooper, Luthuli Dlamini, and much more as part of its cast members in the past, however, Cindy Mahlangu and Sandile Mahlangu are among the crop of stars on the show currently.

Cindy Mahlangu plays Violetta and is known for roles in other television series like Kings of Jo’burg and Blood & Water where she has been playing a character named Zama Bolton. Also a social media influencer, Cindy has come a long way in showbiz. On the other hand, Sandile Mahlangu has had more to brag about when it comes to acting.

Apart from Scandal!, he is known for other popular works like Single Guys, Shaft 6, Rhythm City, and Isithembiso. Cindy and Sandile have raised a lot of questions since they joined the show, with many wondering if they are related or lovers in real life.

Cindy Mahlangu and Sandile Mahlangu are not Siblings

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Looking at their surnames, it is easy to see why many people have been wondering if the actress and actor are related in real life following their debut on the popular show which happened on the 5th of August 2020. To the best of our knowledge, Cindy and Sandile are not related in any way. The only thing they have in common is that they are both Mpumalanga natives who share the same surname and are part of the South African acting industry.

Mahlangu is quite a popular surname in South Africa and there are other popular figures that bear the name; people like Esther Mahlangu, a famous South African artist, and May Mahlangu, a South African professional footballer. There was also Solomon Mahlangu who is remembered and celebrated as a freedom fighter and struggle activist in the country.

So, the fact that Cindy and Sandile share the same surname and are part of the same show where they often appear alongside each other is just coincidental; unless you want to believe that runners of the show deliberately picked them to stir people’s curiosity and trigger public conversations about the two and consequently, the show.

But They Have Become Very Close…

Even though Cindy Mahlangu and Sandile Mahlangu are not related, they have some things in common; primarily, they are both from Mpumalanga. But then, while the former was born in Standerton on the 21st of November 1996, the latter was born in Middelburg on the 6th of September 1993.

Named Sandile Vincent Mahlangu after he was birthed, the South African actor and singer schooled at Steelcrest High School. Thereafter, he proceeded to the Tshwane University of Technology where he obtained a degree in Electrical Engineering; this was in 2017. Although he is an engineer, Sandile has always been drawn to acting right from his high school days when he participated in theatre, competitive monologues, and anything related to that.

Like Sandile, Cindy is also college-educated. She is now popular as a model, social media star, and actress but she studied financial accounting in college. According to Sandile, he and Cindy are now very close and enjoy working together. Stressing that they are not related, he related that they only met on set and quickly became good friends.

Has Cindy Mahlangu’s Onscreen Romance with Sandile Gone Beyond Acting?

Anyone who follows Scandal! can tell that Cindy Mahlangu plays Violetta Mamba in the soapie whereas Sandile portrays a character named Simo. A stylish married woman, Cindy’s character is in love with a man who isn’t her husband and happens to be Simo.

As much as viewers have embraced their on-screen character casting, they have become curious about their love life in real life with some wondering if they are lovers off the screen. Judging by what Sandile has disclosed about his relationship with Cindy, they are only co-stars and good friends.

They became friends after they met on set and based on what he said, Cindy is a fine actress and they have a good measure of fun working together.

What We Know About Cindy Mahlangu and Sandile Mahlangu’s Love Lives

There is no doubt that Cindy Mahlangu has become a bonafide member of the South African entertainment industry. Given her exploits in show biz, she has gathered a massive fan base that keeps up with her career while prying into her personal life.

Amongst other things, her fans are curious about the special someone in her life. The actress has to a large extent kept her private life private but it is known that she is not married and has never been.

The Actress Is Believed to Be Dating Bongani Zungu 

Zungu is a professional footballer. He plays as a midfielder for the South African national team and for the Scottish club, Rangers. He joined the club on loan from Amiens, a French club, in October 2020.

For a long time, Cindy’s love life was left to speculations as she had only hinted at dating someone without specifying who the person is. Later, it began circulating that the actress and Bongani Zungu are having something special.

Neither Cindy nor Bongani confirmed this until August 2020 when a video of the two circulated online. Bongani kissed Cindy in the footage and she called him “babe”. That was all people needed to affirm that the two are lovers.

Sandile Mahlangu Is Protective of His Girlfriend 

Being an eye candy, there is no doubt that many have their romantic fantasies revolving around Sandile Mahlangu. The actor has alluded to the fact that he has a lover but has been very discreet about divulging information about her.

He once tweeted that he had his girl as his Display Picture on Whatsapp and his father texted him, asking him to protect his vineyard from foxes that are ready to destroy what he has.


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