Is Daniel Day-Lewis Related To Cecil Day-Lewis? Facts You Need To Know 

Daniel Day-Lewis and Cecil Day-Lewis are two men who have a lot in common. Both have dual English and Irish nationalities. Both have also distinguished themselves in their chosen fields; the former is widely regarded as the greatest screen actor of all times while the latter is an iconic poet who rose to become the poet laureate of the UK. Additionally, there is also the small matter of the similar surnames which both men share. So, is Daniel Day-Lewis and Cecil Day-Lewis related? If yes, what is their relationship? All these and more questions about the pair are answered below.

Daniel Day-Lewis Age

Sir Daniel Michael Blake Day-Lewis was born on the 29th of April 1957 in Kensington, London. He grew up in various parts of London and attended several schools including Sevenoaks School, Invicta and Sherington Primary School and Bedales. Day-Lewis started acting when he was at Bedales and eventually scored his first professional role in the 1971 film, Sunday Bloody Sunday. After graduating from Bedales, Daniel Day-Lewis joined the National Youth Theatre. He also trained at Bristol Old Vic and thereafter garnered minor roles in several films. The Londoner finally got his big break in 1985 when he portrayed two widely-diverse roles in two different films. They are My Beautiful Laundrette (where he played a homosexual hooligan) and A Room with a View (where he portrayed a staid Englishman).

Has Daniel Day-Lewis Won any Oscars?

Since his 1985 breakthrough, Daniel Day-Lewis has appeared in several highly-acclaimed movies including The Unbearable Lightness of Being, My Left Foot, There Will Be Blood, Lincoln, In The Name of The Father, and Gangs of New York etc. He has also received numerous accolades including four BAFTA awards and two Golden Globe awards. The London-born actor has also received a total of three Academy Awards for best actor, the only male actor to achieve such a feat. Day-Lewis won his first Oscar in 1990 and this was for his role in the movie. My Left Foot. My Left Foot is a 1989 biopic in which Day-Lewis portrays Christy Brown, an Irishman who was born with cerebral palsy and could only control his left leg. Brown however overcame his adversities and grew to become an accomplished writer and artist.

Day-Lewis received his second Oscar in 2008 and this was for the movie There Will Be Blood. There Will Be Blood is a 2007 epic-drama in which Day-Lewis portrays a ruthless miner-turned-oil prospector who cons local landowners into selling their properties for a pittance. There Will Be Blood is named amongst the greatest films of the 21st century. Daniel Day-Lewis received his 3rd Oscar in 2013. This was for his portrayal of foremost statesman, Abraham Lincoln, in the 2012 historical drama film, Lincoln. Asides the numerous industry awards that he has earned, Daniel Day-Lewis also received a knighthood from the Queen in November 2014.

Daniel Day-Lewis and Cecil Day-Lewis
A young Daniel Day-Lewis with his parents and sister, Tamasin, back in 1968. image source

Cecil Day-Lewis Cause of Death

Cecil Day-Lewis was a renowned English/Irish poet as well as novelist. His poetry initially promoted radical left-wing views but he toned down his rhetoric to traditional standards in later years. Cecil was born on the 27th of April 1904 in Ballintubbert, County Laois, Ireland. He grew up in London and studied at various schools including Oxford. He later taught poetry at several prestigious institutions including Cambridge, Harvard and Oxford. Cecil Day-Lewis held various official positions including publications editor in the Ministry of Information, chairman of the Arts Council Literature Panel, and vice-president of The Royal Society of Literature. He also held the position of poet laureate of the U.K. from 1968 until his death. This is an honorary position appointed by the Queen, and the holder composes fitting verses for significant national occasions.

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Is Daniel Day-Lewis related to Cecil Day-Lewis?

The answer is yes, Daniel Day-Lewis and Cecil Day-Lewis are indeed related. The multiple Oscar winner is the son of the illustrious poet. Cecil Day-Lewis enjoyed a storied love life. He first got married to a lady, named Constance Mary, in 1928. The union produced two sons, Sean Day-Lewis and Nicholas Day-Lewis. The poet then embarked on a torrid affair with novelist, Rosamond Lehmann, in the 40s. The love triangle took an even more interesting turn when Cecil started dating film and radio actress, Jill Balcon, in 1948. Cecil later divorced Constance and broke off his relationship with Rosamond. He subsequently tied the knot with Jill in 1951. Their union produced two children namely, chef/ author, Tamasin Day-Lewis, and of course, Daniel Day-Lewis. The senior Lewis is now late having died of pancreatic cancer in 1972. He was aged 68.

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