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David Hull is a talented American actor who gained prominence after he featured in the romantic American musical comedy, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend in 2015 where he played White Josh in the show. He is also a producer who originally started his acting career from theatres before he got his big break in the movie industry. Learn more about the star’s career achievements, his relationships, and whether he is gay as speculated in the media among other tales.

David Hull’s Bio

David Hull is an American actor who was born sometime in 1985 in Ohio, the United States of America. Although he has been silent about the actual date of his birth, however, we scooped up a hint from an Instagram post dated 21st day of April 2018, where some of his friends and fans were sending him happy birthday wishes.

He is not the only child of his parents; he has other siblings known as Steve, Zooey Deschanel and a sister that goes by the Instagram name Julie hope 9 who graduated from medical school on the 2nd day of May 2014. Steve is a football athlete that got signed as an undrafted free agent by the New Orleans Saints in 2014 but was forced into early retirement by myriad football injuries.

Although David Hull has not revealed the name of his high school, it is, a known fact that Hull was a sucker for mathematics and physics when he was in high school. His initial career choice was to be an engineer that designs roller coasters until he fell in love with music. This brought about the shift in his interest. He had his college education at the University of Michigan. While at the varsity, he participated in the theatre productions of the Summer stock theatre, Witchita county in Kansas, a place he met Gabrielle Ruiz who became his buddy. The two eventually landed themselves roles in the musical comedy television show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

David Hull began whetting his acting skills in stage productions especially in Broadway shows where he made several stage appearances. He also went on two national drama tours with his troupe in 2003 and 2005 before he moved up to mainstream acting in many television series and a couple of films.

His Career Achievements 

The American actor started his career in the movie industry with his appearance in the short drama Unto The Least Of These in 2008 playing Mr. Goldstein. From this, he got other roles including in the music video Old Lady Gaga: Alejandro in 2010, movies, and shows like; The Late Night Show with David Letterman (2011), the four episodes of the comic web show Submissions (2014), three episodes of the Primetime Emmy Award-nominated American comedy sitcom The Middle from 2015 to 2016, where he acted as Logan.

His excellent role interpretation got him more screen roles on TV shows such as his character Josh in the science fiction horror film titled The Dark Tape in 2016, K.C. Undercover (2016), four episodic feature of the comedy romance drama Insecure from 2016 to 2017 where he assumed Travis Moore.

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David Hull became Wolfman in TV for Monsters in 2017, he also portrayed Alan in The Body episode of Into The Dark in 2018, before he played Todd in yet another romantic comedy titled Browsing Effect (2018). He hit world prominence when he started with his beautiful character display of White Josh in 30 episodal appearances in the American musical comic romantic drama titled Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, (2015 to 2019), he also in 2019, portrayed Dave Wilder in The Sheriff of Topanga Canyon.

David Hull with his Crazy Ex-Girlfriend co-stars
David Hull with his Crazy Ex-Girlfriend co-stars

Aside from acting in movies, David Hull has also honed his skill as a producer and writer in the following works; Are You Joking (2014), Pilot Season (2017) and the short video titled Whiling (2019). He may not have been personally nominated for an award but the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend TV series which he is part of had its second season nominated for two Primetime Emmy Awards in 2017.

Truly, the Ohio born actor must have made a tangible fortune via his various Broadway productions, movies features as such his net worth should be in six digits if not more.

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Relationships – Is David Hull Gay? 

The love life and sexuality of David Hull has been a subject of debate. Some think he is gay maybe because of his fine portrayal of a gay character in his famed tv show the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend which may have lent credence to the belief and rumor plus the fact that he has openly shown unflinching support to members of the LGBT community. David, however, is yet to respond to this assumption about his sexuality. So we will just leave it at that till he deems it fit to reveal his sexual preference.

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Another plausible reason for the rumors on his sexuality could be the simple fact that he has not been linked romantically with any female. His friend Gabrielle Ruiz once stated in an interview that she made a pact with David Hull to get married to him in their thirties if none of them was in any committed relationship or married as they felt thirty was too old to remain unmarried. Again, in February 2018, in an Instagram post, he uploaded a picture of himself and his Crazy Ex-Girlfriend co-star Rachel Bloom, wishing her the best of the Valentine season, perhaps some interesting stuff could be happening between the two stars. As of now, he has successfully kept every detail of his love life to himself.

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