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There is always a trace of the longing for adventure in different people but at varying levels. We see extreme cases where people live their whole lives sold out to adventure as seen in adventure/ wildlife channels on TV. This is the story of the likes of Jeremy Wade, the Piscator. Wade has given years into his passion to fish, he is the anchorperson in one of the most renowned animal Planet series; River Monster and Dark Waters. In this TV series, Wade is often seen plunging into the unknown hideouts of the most dangerous breed of animals in the water. Series of attacks from different breeds of animals are caught live on camera too.

Wade has equally documented his works in books such as Some Down The Crazy River among others. Maybe it’s his blue eyes or his braveness in attempting to seek out hidden mysteries of the underwater, but Wade has attracted a whole lot of attention from men and women around the world. Read on to find out more about Jeremy Wades Love life and endeavors outside the camera.

Biography of Jeremy Wade

The fish angler and TV host was born as Jeremy John Wade on March 23, 1956, in Ipswich, in the United Kingdom. He seemed to have loved the animal life from a very young age and had a clear direction of the career path he hoped to tread. This is seen in the educational decisions he took through his years of schooling. After Wade was finished from the Dean Close School which is a preparatory school, he went on to study Zoology at the Bristol University. Upon his graduation, he went further to attain a Post Graduate teaching certificate after specializing in biological science at the University of Kent.

Jeremy Wade was employed as a Biology teacher in a high school but he didn’t last long there. His love for wildlife got him touring the world in the quest for hunting down and searching out different varieties of the aquatic life. One of those trips was to India where he went in search of the endangered golden Himalayan Mahseer. The discoveries he made there thrilled him to no extent and got him touring all the more.

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The TV series River Monsters originated from one of these tours; the people of the Himalayan foothills randomly got missing upon their visits to the River, and this caught Wade’s attention and was a challenge to him. He came up with the concept of River monsters and caught his espionage on camera. The debut of the series was available for public view on 5th May 2010

Is Jeremy Wade Married To A Wife Or Is He Gay?

Jeremy wade is found to be an attractive man, even at such an advanced age. Because his line of work is more interesting to the menfolk rather than the ladies, he gathered more male fans than females which got many wondering whether he is gay. Fans make it public on social media how much love they have for him which has gotten a good number of raised eyebrows especially because Wade is single and shows no intention of having a family.

In a mini-interview, Jeremy Wade’s brother explained that Wade was very talented and passionate about fishing. He said Wade’s Passion for his career started from his childhood days when he was trained to fish. He explains that it is the same passion that keeps Wade so focused on his career, making every other thing including raising a family seems unimportant to him. Wade has put in uninterrupted decades of his life into searching for aquatic monsters. He considers marriage a secondary issue, hence his present status.

Jeremy’s single status might also be as a result of a past event in his life; it is known that he was once in a relationship before he started off his adventurous career. He left his job back then to pursue his passion and this resulted in a heartbreak from the woman he loved who saw him as a loafer. His frequent travels could also be a reason why he has decided to remain single but whatever the case may be, Jeremy doesn’t intend going into any relationship in the near future.

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What Is He Doing Now?

Jeremy Wade discontinued the River Monsters Show in 2017 and went on a rather long break. But he is back and with better ideas to anchor a new show called Jeremy Wade’s Dark Waters which was aired on Cable Network. The plot for this series is somewhat similar to that of River Monsters. So to answer the question of the whereabouts of the Animal Planet host, he is back to the waters doing what he knows how to do best.

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