TV Shows That Helped Jeremy Wade Explore His Love For Aquatic Life and Facts About His Personal Life

Growing up in East Anglia, Jeremy Wade lived on the banks of Suffolk’s River Stour. This proximity to a significant body of water helped develop a fascination with water, one that has stayed with him well into his adult years. While some make their childhood interests hobbies, Jeremy has built a professional career out of it, becoming a TV presenter for various water-focused shows.

A few of them include Mighty Rivers, Expedition Unknown, Dark Waters, and more. However, none is more popular that River Monsters, a show he worked on for almost a decade. They say find your passion and make it your career. While not many of us get the chance, Jeremy has been at it since 2009.

River Monsters Opened the Door to a Lifetime of Onscreen Water Exploration for Jeremy Wade

During one of his regular visits to India in 2005, Jeremy came up with the idea for the TV show, River Monsters. He was at the Himalayas’ foothills when he heard stories from locals that a few people had gone missing in the river. The locals believed a giant fish was responsible, sparking the light bulb moment that led to the Animal Planet show.

In River Monsters, Jeremy Wade travels the world, searching for the most dangerous freshwater killers using stories from locals and other travelers as clues. Throughout the show’s nine seasons and 59 episodes, including 44 specials, the biologist traveled to more than 25 countries and over eight cities in the United States.

During the show’s run, Wade waged epic battles with freshwater killers like alligator gar, wels catfish, piranha, goliath tigerfish, bull shark, and many others. The Animal Planet-produced show ran between 2009 and 2017 and aired on ITV in Great Britain.

It was one of the most successful shows in Animal Planet’s history. The series premiere was the best in the network’s history, with more than 1.3 million viewers and the show maintained similar ratings throughout its run. In turn, Jeremy Wade became one of the most recognizable presenters on television, leading to other TV and film projects.

He’s Appeared or Presented More Than Six Shows During and After River Monsters

As it is in every aspect of life, success begets success. Wade’s accomplishments on River Monsters led to the creation of other shows designed to explore aquatic life. He hosted some of these shows during his River Monsters run and others after it ended in 2017.

Jeremy Wade’s Mighty Rivers (2018)

He began hosting the Animal Planet documentary series in 2018. As the host, he investigated the disappearance of freshwater giants from the world’s most iconic rivers.

Some of the rivers he explored include the Mississippi, the Zambezi, and the Ganges. The miniseries ran in 2018 before it went off the air.

Dark Waters (2019 – Present)

In Dark Waters, another project under the Animal Planet network, Jeremy Wade explored the unexplained sightings of mythical beasts around the world. Thus far, the show has had eight episodes, with visits to Australia, Aleutian Islands, and Northern Italy. In the latter, the biologist/TV host investigated the legend of the Lake Garda monster, an alleged half-snake, half-dinosaur beast.

Mysteries of the Deep (2020 – Present)

Since 2020, the famous aquatic investigator has appeared in the Discovery Channel reality TV series, Mysteries of the Deep. With a similar theme like Mighty Rivers’, Wade attempts to investigate and solve various mysteries of the deep sea. In the first season, he explored stories like The Bermuda Triangle Conspiracy and the Loch Ness Monster.

Over the years, Jeremy has made appearances in other works like an episode of the Josh Gates’s adventure series, Expedition Unknown. Jeremy appeared alongside other British icons like Terry Gilliam and Cary Elwes to explore various British legends.

He also appeared in the TV film, Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys and guest-starred on variety shows like Conan, Today, Fox and Friends, and a few others.

A Deep and Unquenching Love for Water Has Kept Wade Single

In a mini-interview, Jeremy Wade’s brother explained that Wade is incredibly talented and passionate about fishing. He said Wade’s passion for his career started from his childhood days when he learned fishing. He explained that it is the same passion that keeps Wade so focused on his career, making every other thing, including raising a family, unimportant to him. Wade has put in uninterrupted decades of his life into searching for aquatic monsters. He considers marriage a secondary issue, hence his present status.

Jeremy’s single status might also be because of a past event in his life. He was reportedly in a relationship before he started his adventurous career. He left his job back then to pursue his passion, which resulted in a heartbreak from the woman he loved who saw him as a loafer.

His frequent travels could also be a reason why he has decided to remain single. Whatever the case may be, Jeremy does not appear to be settling down anytime soon.

The TV Presenter is a Published Author and Graduate of Zoology

The fish angler and TV host was born as Jeremy John Wade on March 23, 1956, in Ipswich, England. After developing a fascination for water and the creatures that live within, he embarked on a journey to study them.

Wade finished from the Dean Close School and went on to study Zoology at Bristol University. Upon graduation, he went further to attain a Post Graduate teaching certificate after specializing in biological science at the University of Kent.

Jeremy Wade worked as a biology teacher in a Kent secondary school. Before leaving teaching altogether, in between school terms, he traveled around the world exploring different bodies of water. During one of his trips to India, he came up with the idea for River Monsters and ultimately transitioned to a career in television.

Aside from onscreen work, Jeremy has written and published three books. They are Somewhere Down the Crazy River, River Monsters: True Stories of the Ones that Didn’t Get Away, and How to Think Like a Fish: And Other Lessons from a Lifetime in Angling. The books were released in 1994, 2011, and 2019, respectively.

He is Multilingual and Has Survived a Plane Crash

Spending his time traveling and living in remote areas around the world for his passion also saw Wade expand his linguistic abilities. The River Monsters host is fluent in Portuguese, which he learned during his years of fishing in Brazil. He is also fluent in French and Spanish, all alongside his traditional English language.

Beyond linguistic diversity, living an adventurous life has led to wild experiences for Jeremy Wade. He has been threatened at gunpoint and once survived a plane crash. Tack on multiple battles with malaria, and it is not hard to see that Wade has lived a rugged life in service of his passion.


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