Is Jimmy Carter Still Alive Now or Dead? The Facts You Need to Know

Jimmy Carter is an American politician, philanthropist and writer most popular as the 39th President of the United States. Prior to becoming president, Jimmy served in some other public positions in the U.S. He initially enlisted in the United States Navy in 1943 and actively served till 1953, after which he went into naval reserve until 1961. Carter subsequently joined the Georgia State Senate in 1963 after winning the 14th district seat in 1962, serving in the capacity until 1967.

Before the end of his senatorial tenure, Carter made an attempt at the Georgia State Governorship in 1966, but lost at the Democratic Primary level. He however, later won the Governorship Elections of 1970. On assuming duties in January 1971, Jimmy became the 76th Governor of Georgia. After serving his first governorship tenure in 1975, he contested for and won the presidency in 1976. Prior to the end of his first presidential tenure in 1981, Jimmy contested for, but lost a 1980 re-election bid to Republican Party’s Ronald Reagan.

Meanwhile, it’s almost four decades since Jimmy Carter left the U.S presidency. Many presidents have served after him, some of whom are already gone. Now, the question is:

Is Jimmy Carter Still Alive Now or Dead? The Facts You Need to Know

Jimmy Carter is still very much alive now. Here are all the facts you need to know:

1. Jimmy Carter is now the only surviving member of his family

Jimmy was born on the 1st of October, 1924. He was born as James Earl Carter Jr. in Plains, Georgia, United States. His mother, Bessie Carter worked as a nurse in the same hospital he was born while his father, James Earl Carter Sr. was a farmer, grocer, business and Assembly man.

Despite being the oldest of his parents’ four children, Carter has lost all of his siblings, leaving him as the only surviving member of his immediate family. Unfortunately, they all died of pancreatic cancer in this order: Ruth (1929-1983), Billy Carter (1937-1988), Gloria Spann (1926-1990). His father had died earlier in 1953 while his mother later died in 1983, the same year he lost his sister, Ruth.

2. He is still strong and goes about his businesses!

After leaving the U.S presidency in January, 1981, Jimmy Carter has been off partisan politics and public service. He however, actively lends his voice to issues of public importance in the U.S and the world at large as well as attends important events and ceremonies. Jimmy has also been actively involved in charity and philanthropy, especially through his Carter Center which he established in 1982. He has also published a numerous books, latest of which is Faith: A Journey For All (2018).

Moreover, Carter still attends church services where he still teaches at the Sunday School as of 2019. He as well remains a tutor at Emory University, Atlanta as well as the Honorary Chair for the World Justice Project. In May 2019, Carter broke his hip while preparing to go turkey hunting!

3. His very first wife is also still alive and with him. Interesting!

Jimmy Carter
Jimmy and his wife of 73 years in 2019 image source

Jimmy Carter lives with his wife, Rosalynn Smith in their residence in his hometown of Plains, Georgia, United States. Carter married Rosalynn on 7th July, 1946. The couple celebrated their 70th Wedding Anniversary in 2016! The epic ceremony made the pair the second longest-wed presidential couple after former President George Bush and his wife, Barbara. Moreover, Jimmy and Rosalynn’s lasting union has been devoid of marital issues, at least none that ever came to public notice.

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The couple has four children together – three sons and a daughter, namely:
Jack, James III, Donnel and Amy Carter. So far, they have eleven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

4. Carter Has Reached Several Longevity Milestones

Approaching his centenary birthday, Jimmy Carter has reached several longevity milestones which include being the longest-retired U.S president and the longest-lived former president of the U.S. After attending President Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony of 20th January, 2017, he became the first president to live to the 40th anniversary of his inauguration as well as the oldest former president to attend a presidential inauguration.

5. Here’s how he wants to be buried!

Jimmy Carter has already made plans and provisions for his interment in front of his home in Plains, Georgia. His burial arrangements also include a Washington D.C. funeral and visitation at the Carter Center.

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