Is Kelsey Asbille Married and Who Is Her Husband?

Kelsey Asbille is not married and has never had a husband. She is presently dating her boyfriend, Miles Joris-Peyrafitte – a writer and director. The American actress known for her role as Monica Long Dutton on the television series Yellowstone has dated a few people openly in the past.

The 32 year-old actress was previously in a relationship with William Moseley, known famously for his role as Peter Pevensie in the movie series The Chronicles of Narnia (2005 – 2010). Many of her fans would have loved to see their 6-year romance last forever because they looked so good together, but it was not to be as they split up 6 years after they began dating.

Is Kelsey Asbille From Yellowstone Married?

Kelsey Asbille is actually not married in real life. The actress who plays the role of Monica Long Dutton on the television drama series Yellowstone is married on the show to her on-screen husband, Kayce Dutton – played by Luke Grimes. She just informed her husband at the end of the Season 4 of the show that she was pregnant and expecting their second child. Both Kelsey and her on-screen husband Luke are actually excellent friends to the point that some people thought that they were actually lovers in real life, but that does not seem to be the case with them at all, as they are not romantically linked in real life at all.

Kelsey Asbille – off the screen, is actually not married in real life, and she has never been married before as well. Some fans just can not seem the separate the on-screen character of an actress from their real-life personalities.

Kelsey Asbille Is Yet To Have Any Biological Children

On the television series Yellowstone, Kelsey Asbille’s character Monica Dutton has a child and she expects another one soon. As a sharp contrast to the role that she plays on screen, Kelsey Asbille has never been pregnant in real life and does not yet have a child of her own. There are rumors flying around that she has a child of her own in real life, but this rumor is absolutely untrue as she does not have a child yet in real life.

Who Is Kelsey Asbille Dating Now?

Currently, Kelsey Asbille is believed to be in a relationship with Miles Joris Peyrafitte, a writer, composer, and film director. They probably met in 2019 when she featured in the film Gaslight (2019) which was written and directed by Miles. The exact details of their relationship are still very sketchy and both parties seem to have kept very sealed lips on the subject of their affinity for several years now.

Both Kelsey Asbille and Miles Peyrafitte have been pictured together at a few red-carpet events since around 2020. He was by her side when she went to the Season 4 premiere of Yellowstone and she has also escorted him to a few events as well. The most recent appearance of Kelsey Asbille and her boyfriend Miles Peyrafitte was in January 2023, when they appeared together at the 2023 Critics Choice Awards, which was held at the Fairmont Century Plaza in Los Angeles, California in the United States of America.

Miles Joris-Peyrafitte is known to have directed other productions such as As You Are (2016) and Dreamland (2019), just to mention a few. They have both tried to keep their relationship away from media scrutiny and attention, but they can only try so much.

Kelsey does not share pictures of her boyfriend on her Social Media handles – though it has to be said that she does not actually post so much information on there in the first place, Joris-Peyrafitte has posted a few of her pictures on his Instagram handle with very cryptic captions.

Was Kelsey Asbille Married To William Moseley?

Kelsey was never married to William Moseley. However, many online publications to date still carry the stories that Kelsey Asbille is still dating the English actor. Some even erroneously go as far as mentioning that they are both married with children, but nothing could be further from the truth. Kelsey and William met on the set of the movie Run (2013) in 2012 and they began a relationship from there on.

They were together from 2012 to about 2018 when they reportedly split, with no reasons advanced by both parties for the split. Many fans thought that their romance was golden and that they would eventually get married, but unfortunately, things did not turn out that way for them.


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